We found a new way

We wanted something that stopped focusing on short term weight loss and started emphasizing long term weight care. Something backed by science, not just by celebrities.
So we found it.
Our mission
At Found, we are dedicated to improving people’s overall wellbeing by making evidence based weight loss accessible & affordable for all.
Because it’s not just about what you lose, it’s about what you find.
We believe
That everyone should have access to proven methods of weight care.
That weight loss is more complex than eat less, move more.
That biology, psychology, and social contributors all influence weight care.

You’re in good hands

  • Rekha Kumar, MD, MS
    Medical Affairs
    Rekha Kumar, MD, MS

    Dr. Kumar is an endocronologist and obesity medicine specialist who has authored several papers on the medical management of obesity. She served as the former medical director of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

  • Judith Korner, MD, PhD
    Chief Medical Advisor
    Judith Korner, MD, PhD

    Dr. Korner is the founding Director, Columbia University Weight Management Center and Vice Chair of The Obesity Medical Board.

  • Lynn Yudofsky, MD
    Director of Behavioral Health
    Lynn Yudofsky, MD

    Dr. Yudofsky joins us from Stanford University, where she practiced as a psychiatrist and focused on integrative medicine. At Found she ensures that all Found members are taking care of their bodies and minds.

  • Jonathan Larson MD, MBA
    Medical Director
    Jonathan Larson MD, MBA

    A West Point graduate and a board-certified physician, Dr. Larson has a decade of telemedicine leadership and operational expertise. At Found, he is helping scale a high-quality telemedicine experience to provide the best obesity care.

  • Shebani Sethi, MD
    Medical Advisor
    Shebani Sethi, MD

    Dr. Sethi is the founding Director of Stanford University Metabolic Psychiatry and Silicon Valley Metabolic Psychiatry.

  • Larry Cheskin, MD
    Medical Advisor
    Larry Cheskin, MD

    Dr. Cheskin is the founder of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center.

  • Kyu Rhee, MD, MPP
    Medical Advisor
    Kyu Rhee, MD, MPP

    Dr. Rhee is the CEO of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC).

  • Shawn Cole, MD, MS, MHA
    Medical Advisor
    Shawn Cole, MD, MS, MHA

    Dr. Cole has nearly a decade of experience in telemedicine leadership and is passionate about delivering the highest quality care to all Found Members.

99% of U.S. doctors are not trained in managing obesity and overweight. We have access to compassionate, board-certified medical experts who are specially trained in obesity.

Lillian • Lost 43lbs
“Since I started Found I’ve stopped binge snacking, I’ve started eating smart, and I’ve been very conscious of what goes into my body. I feel better about myself.”

Your happy weight awaits