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Missed our ‘Building a Balance Holiday Plate’ class? Here’s the recipes and tips

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Thanks to those who joined us for our Building a Balanced Plate for the Holidays event last week. In case you missed it, registered dietician Krystal Durham and Found Coach Caroline H. shared their tips for how to fully enjoy celebratory meals while still staying on track. 

The Found approach to the holidays

At Found, we believe that the holidays should be less about restrictions and more about celebration, while keeping your healthy habits in mind. An easy way to do that is to incorporate small goals each day that help you feel your best inside and out. 

Fully embracing your unique culture is also a big part of this season. That means staying true to family traditions, religious traditions, ethnic traditions, and of course food traditions. We all come from different walks of life, and food is so personal. We encourage you to integrate all of your favorite traditional foods—whatever that means for you and your family—into the festivities, rather than feeling like you have to restrict yourself in the name of being “healthy.” Grab some tea, or maybe a Hot Chocolate From Around the Globe, and read more about how you can take a balanced approach to the holiday season. 

What to do with leftovers

Coach Caroline said that she finds many Thanksgiving dishes taste even better the day after (and beyond) than they do the day of—and she’s definitely not alone! In fact, some of her favorite recipes have come out of holiday leftovers. She recommends using leftovers to make turkey chili or bone broth. Krystal shared that one of her favorite ways to use leftover sweet potatoes is to make mouthwatering muffins. Check out her recipe here

How to handle pushy family members

This is a big challenge for so many of us. Krystal recommends reflecting on the fact that holidays aren’t just about the food—they’re also about connecting with our families and loved ones. For those situations when you’re dealing with a family member or loved one that’s being pushy about what you’re eating or imploring you to eat more, Krystal shared this helpful ABC acronym to keep in kind: 

A: If you are Allergic, you’ve already Ate, or the food doesn’t Agree with you, just say that! Putting the onus more on you, rather than them, helps to deescalate the situation.

B: Bring it home! Let them know that you love their meal and you’ve been looking forward to it, but you’re full. That way you’ve accepted the food and at that point you can do what you want with it.

C: Change the conversation. Swiftly switch the topic from what you’re eating to something of interest to the person speaking to you. There’s no better time to ask your uncle how retirement is going!

How to balance celebration with healthy habits

It may feel impossible, but we truly believe that you can have your cake and eat it too during the holidays. Again, we want you to enjoy all that this festive time of year has to offer—including your favorite foods. As far as staying in line with your specific goals, that’s going to look different for everyone, but here are a few helpful tactics to keep in mind.

  • Prep: Stick to some kind of a routine, even if you’re off work or traveling. Wake up, drink water, eat breakfast, just as you normally would! We don’t recommend fasting until the afternoon or evening, but instead eating a balanced meal before the celebration begins. 

  • Move: Take a walk with your family. Turn on your favorite holiday playlist and get grooving in your kitchen. Play a game of tag with the kiddos. Just try to move in some way—whatever sounds good to you! Not only is it a fun way to bond with your loved ones, but it also helps to keep you occupied and avoid mindless snacking. 

  • Enjoy: Avoid falling into extreme diet mentalities like counting calories you need to “burn off” the next day. Instead, try to truly enjoy your meal and all of your company that comes with it. We promise, your healthy habits will be waiting for you the day after. Looking for something special to bring to your holiday celebration? Check our Krystal’s Chopped Winter Greens With Hot Apple Cider Dressing. The colors look divine! 

Recipes mentioned: 

Harvest Sweet Potato Muffins 

Chopped Winter Greens With Hot Apple Cider Dressing 

Hot Chocolate Around the Globe

Upcoming events

We have two events in December, and we’d love to see you! Register to tune in LIVE below.

  • On Thursday December 9 at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET, we’ll be going more in depth on managing family and weight care during the holidays. Register here.

  • On Tuesday December 14, 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET, we’ll share healthier—yet fun and festive—alternatives to alcoholic beverages. Register here.

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