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Tired of resolutions that don’t stick? Here’s three reasons why you should start your 2022 weight care journey with Found

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Tired of setting resolutions? We are too. For people who have been failed by traditional weight loss methods, Found is a weight care solution that centers your body’s needs, taking a biology forward approach to lasting weight loss and fuller life beyond the scale.

Found is for people who have tried and failed to lose weight through quick-win wellness fads. Our holistic, science-backed approach combats the many “diet and exercise” falsehoods that have conditioned us to oversimplify and invalidate the complex journey of lasting weight loss. While weight loss can be a hollow resolution, weight care represents a solution. If you’re dedicated to making a real change in your lifestyle, keep reading to see how Found can support you through every stage of your weight loss journey.

Found recognizes that everyone’s bodies are different and tailors the Found experience to match each individual’s unique biology.

Here’s a fact that most weight loss programs don’t tell you: weight is often determined by biological factors outside of our individual control. Genetics, hormones, age, and a variety of other factors can make weight loss a non-linear journey. This means that if you’ve struggled to lose weight in the past, it may not be your individual acts that are to blame, but just plain old biology.

Found is unique in that our integrated weight care program takes biology into consideration when crafting your weight loss plan. No two Found members paths will be the same. Each member not only takes our personalized quiz, but also undergoes a medical evaluation by a board-certified provider. This all adds up to an individualized weight care plan tailored to your unique needs and biology. Your provider will also determine if prescription weight loss medication should be recommended. If deemed necessary, medication can be the key that connects you with your body and mind, and often helps Found members who have tried and failed to lose weight in the past finally achieve their weight loss goals.

Found has fostered an incredibly supportive, private, and judgement free online community— because no one should have to face their weight loss journey alone.

If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight in the past, you know that the journey can be daunting. Eating food is often a social experience, which can make weight loss feel somewhat isolating. That’s why Found has fostered an online community for members to communicate with other people on the same journey.

With Found, you’ll meet members dedicated to long-term lifestyle changes, who will support you throughout your weight care journey. In addition to providing support and encouragement, Found community members share progress and track goals.

If you’re tired of making resolutions that just don’t stick, join Found, and discover a supportive community with a focus on whole-person health and long term wellness rather than a simple resolution. Through Found, you’ll have access to continuous support that helps members find a sustainable program that works for them rather than dictating plans that are impossible to stick with. Found offers a science-backed approach to weight care that's based on your unique biology, psychology, lifestyle, and prescription medication needs.

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