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Overcome your weight loss fears with Found

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Have you been on every diet and nothing has worked for you so far? It’s not an exaggeration. Research shows that the average American will try about 126 different diets during their lifetime (that’s right—126). So if you’re worried about trying weight-loss plan number 127, we get it. Will it just be another diet that you invest your time, commitment, and money into that doesn't work? And what about weight-loss medications? You always hear about them, but do people really need them?

Let’s tackle these concerns. The fact is that more than 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women are overweight, and 2 in 5 adults are obese, which may shorten lifespan by up to 14 years. The good news is that experts now know that obesity is not a choice, it’s a disease—and treatments are available that can help you lose weight efficiently and sustainably. 

Obesity poses health risks tied to uncontrolled blood sugar levels, lowered immunity and other factors. Often, lifestyle changes alone aren’t enough to help the pounds come off, because a lot of your weight has to do with your biology. In fact, up to 70% of your weight is predetermined by your genes. Failing to look at these biological needs first is why so many people struggle to lose weight. And that’s where Found comes in.

Found is an online weight-care clinic that has treated obesity in tens of thousands of people across the country. We offer effective medications prescribed by obesity specialists that are tailored to your unique biology, along with access to a health coach and a behavior change program that guide you through making lifestyle changes that will help you achieve long-term weight loss. 

Our goal is to remove the stress associated with trying to lose weight on your own. When you join Found, you’ll be a part of a community of peers and weight-loss achievers that help support you in every step of your journey. 

To date, Found has helped members lose over 750,000 pounds:

Stephanie Jones knew that in order to lose the weight, she first needed to shed her self-limiting beliefs. “For the first time, it wasn’t like, ‘I want to lose 100 pounds,’” she says. “It was, ‘I’m going to get healthier.’”

Found debunks the ongoing myth that weight loss is as simple as “eat less and move more.” Our online program helps people achieve their happy weight through biology and behavior, as well as ongoing support from a members-only community. 

Stephanie talks about her weight care journey and how Found is the “angel on her shoulder” who helps her be consistent with her weight care efforts. Managing your own high expectations, learning how to not feel guilty or disappointed in yourself, and reevaluating your behavior—these are the elements of Found that keep members like Stephanie motivated and consistent. This ensures that weight loss is not only effective but also sustainable in the long term, resulting in an overall healthier life inside and out.

Obesity may seem overwhelming, but once you learn about the biological factors that impact weight and understand it as a disease rather than an individual failure, there’s so much more you can do! With Found, you can get to a healthier, happier weight through a meaningful and loving journey. Want to see if Found is the right program for you? Take the 3-minute quiz today!

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