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How to have a healthier holiday season with Found

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It’s no secret that the holiday season can be a difficult time to focus on your weight health. Maintaining a healthy weight is difficult enough even before you add in the stress, obligations, and temptations that come with the holidays. It’s no wonder, then, that most people try to compensate for a fun but ultimately unhealthy couple of weeks with an aggressive approach to New Year “resolutions”, and that over 80% of those resolutions fail within a month. This year, we’re skipping resolutions and instead of helping everyone find a more sustainable form of weight care. We’re Found.

We see this cycle of holiday weight gain followed by ineffective New Year’s resolutions as a perfect illustration of the flaws in the way much of the weight loss industry views weight care, loss, and maintenance. Other programs demand large changes on aggressively short timelines, leading to short-term but unsustainable wins. Instead of building a program around your life, they expect you to build your life around their program. We do things differently at Found. We work with board-certified doctors specializing in weight care who will take the time to understand your specific biology and prescribe the right medications for you. And we focus on lasting change. 

Weight care that works for you

At Found, we prioritize finding a weight care plan that works for your specific biology and lifestyle. Instead of telling you what foods you can and can’t eat, we work with you to find a nutrition plan that you’ll enjoy and be able to stick with. Instead of giving you a workout plan you have to follow exactly, we’ll help you find ways to incorporate movement into your routine in a way that works for you.

Prescription medications are a key part of crafting a program that works for you. Our expert doctors will choose a medication program for you that will help address the specific biological factors that make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Whether it’s by reducing cravings or increasing feelings of fullness, these medications can help you make healthier choices even when it’s difficult during the holidays.

Nonjudgmental support

At Found, we’re always supportive and never judgmental. We understand that weight care is an ongoing journey made up of countless small successes and occasionally some setbacks. We’re here to support you for every step of the journey. And it's not just us. Found gives members access to an online community where they can share stories about their weight care journey in a safe and supportive environment. This community support from people on the same journey will foster accountability and provide inspiration especially at times when it’s difficult to stick to your health goals.

If you’re tired of seeing the holidays as a setback in your journey towards your healthiest self, Found is the program for you. Don't wait until January to get started on your journey. We’re so confident you’ll love Found that we’re offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Click the link below to start our 3-minute quiz and see if you’re eligible for Found.

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