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How a last-ditch effort was a chance worth taking. Colleen T.’s 75-pound weight loss is sure to motivate

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Looking through photos of a recent vacation, Colleen wasn’t reminiscing about the amazing memories she’d created. Instead, all she felt was sadness. The weight she lost never seemed to stay off, even after countless tries to eat healthier. Colleen wanted to feel confident in photos again. She wanted to live an active lifestyle. But here she was, at a loss—wondering if she’d ever find her healthy. 

That’s when a scroll through social media burst the doors to sustainable weight care wide open for her. “Who knew clicking on an ad could change your life?” says Colleen. 

She joined Found, thinking it was a “last-ditch effort.” The weight was beginning to take a toll on her body, and she feared that she soon wouldn’t be able to walk at the age of 42. 

Colleen remembers trying her first diet as a fifth-grader. “I was always the funny fat friend, and I wanted to be seen for more.” The pressure of weight stigma got to her—she was always made to feel like her weight was her fault. 

Why Colleen chose Found for weight loss

As soon as she began the Found intake quiz, Colleen realized that this program was unlike any other diet she’d tried. “I was asked questions I’d never been asked before,” she says. She was struck by the assessment’s personalized approach to her health history and habits.

How this time was different than her past weight loss pursuits 


Having an empathetic physician and supportive coach is what Colleen says kept her coming back. “They saw me as an actual person wanting help,” she says, admitting that she’d often avoid clinicians’ offices for fear of judgment. 


Colleen credits her steady and sustainable weight loss to the personalized approach Found takes with prescription medication. A self-described “emotional eater,” Colleen was often preoccupied with thoughts of food, which led to the constant yo-yo-ing in her weight.

Taking Mounjaro®, a GLP-1/GIP RA that helps with appetite control, has helped Colleen feel fuller for longer after eating, which means she’s less likely to overeat and more likely to make healthier choices overall.


Colleen is no stranger to meal plans and calorie restrictions. However, this time around, she was relieved to find that with Found, no foods were deemed off-limits. Rather than being told what—and how much—to eat, she was in the driver's seat, learning what worked and what didn’t for her lifestyle. 

Through Found, Colleen also learned skills that helped her in real-life situations, like how to eat more mindfully at birthday parties and celebratory dinners. 


Greatest victories 

The 75 pounds Colleen has lost so far is undoubtedly one of her greatest victories. She’s also reminded daily of her non-scale wins. She feels good in her clothes and eats out at restaurants without fearing whether the booth might feel too small. And then there’s her blood pressure, which has improved so much that she’s been able to cut her blood pressure medication intake in half!

Life after weight loss 

No longer hiding behind a fake smile, Colleen can now look at a photo of herself and see a truly happy person.

Though she still wants to lose more weight, Colleen is looking forward to striving for the best, healthiest version of herself—and living a more active lifestyle. 

We’re honored to be a part of Colleen’s journey, and we’ll continue to watch her soar, breaking down barriers to weight care! 

About Found

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