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16 Black trainers and Black-led programs to make your movement routine interesting

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Looking for something new to add to your movement routine? Here’s a list of activity programs for everyone, whether you’re interested in HIIT, functional fitness, walk-to-run programs, dance-inspired moves, or body-positive yoga. We put this list of trainers and online classes led by black trainers and coaches in celebration of Black History Month—you can become more fit and support Black-owned businesses, too.

Just starting or restarting

If you’ve never really exercised or you haven’t worked out in a long while, consider starting with one of these classes that focuses on gentle, beginner-level moves. No judgment here!

Build functional strength: Kehinde Anjorin is a certified functional strength coach. Through her company, PowerInMovement, she offers personal training, online classes, and Instagram live stream workouts. Instagram: @powerinmovement

Move to build your confidence: Lauren Leavell, founder of Lauren Leavell Fitness, focuses on helping people become more confident through movement. She offers an online membership and fitness community with classes for barre, cardio barre, boot camp, and HIIT. Instagram: @laurenleavellfitness

Go easy on the joints: Trudie German, founder of BodyEnvy, specializes in digital personal training you can do at home, especially for people who are 40+ years old. Instagram: @bodyenvy1

Restore your body with yoga: Jessica Rihal of Jessica Jade Yoga offers online yoga classes and free on-demand classes through Joyn, a platform that specializes in body-inclusive movement. Jessica focuses on yoga and meditation to ease pain, restore muscle strength, and provide gentle movement. Instagram: @jessicajadeyoga

Start in a chair: Donovan Green of Donovan Green Fitness offers chair aerobics workouts ranging from 10 to 30 minutes—and you’d be surprised at how much you can do from a chair! Try his beginner-level classes on YouTube or sign up for his program, which includes intermediate and advanced-level classes. Instagram: @donovangreenfitness

Body positive movement

These instructors have all been on their own journeys of body acceptance, and now they share their wisdom and modified moves with the masses. If you’re looking for a safe space and an instructor who knows how to adjust moves to fit every body shape and size, start here.

Cardio for everyone: Kanoa Greene believes activity is for everyone, of any size. She specializes in cardio, HIIT, seated workouts, and surfing. She offers free online classes, and you can also check out her retreats and gear. Instagram: @kanoagreene

Practice body-positive yoga: Jessamyn Stanley, founder of The Underbelly, specializes in yoga with a focus on body positivity.Instagram: @theunderbellyyoga

Run at any size: Martinus Evans of 300 Pounds and Running helps people of any size get moving with a no-pressure approach. His program includes his Slow AF Running Club. Instagram: @300poundsandrunning 

Personal training: Simone Samuels believes in a body-positive, non-judgmental environment to help people in their health journeys.  She offers online group Zumba classes and online personal training.Instagram: @simonesamuels

Dance-inspired workouts

Dance is a great way to have fun while you move. With these virtual workouts, you’ll get your heart rate going, improve your flexibility and strength, and have fun. (And we mean fun—did you see the Burlesque class on this list?)

New grooves every day: If you get bored quickly, check out Nicole Steen, founder of Nicole Steen Fitness. She offers dance workouts and online classes and mixes it up with choreography, Latin dance, barre, and more. Instagram: @nicolesteenfitness 

Ballet-style moves: Maya, Jillian, & Alexis are trained ballet dancers and the co-founders of SideBarre, a company that offers virtual barre classes. No dance experience is required (whew!) and the workouts are low-impact.  Instagram: @sidebardc

Get your hoop on: Heather Says, founder of Hoopcubed, offers online Hoop dance, Hoop yoga, and Burlesque classes. Instagram: @hoopcubed

Intense workouts for experienced fitness enthusiasts

If you’re no beginner to the gym and you want a new challenge, try one of these online options. You’ll get to mix things up to keep both your mind and your body engaged. 

Build your strength and endurance: Ray Grayson, known as MrShutUpandTrain, has trained celebrities like Mary J. Blige and Usher. He offers online video training plans using HIIT, resistance bands, strength training, and challenges. Instagram: @mrshutupandtrain

HIIT on demand: Janeil Mason of FitandLit offers virtual HIIT, dance cardio, and stretching classes. Instagram: @janielmason

Try one-on-one:  Kola Olaosebikan of Koboko Fitness specializes in personal training. She offers workout schedules and targeted programs. Instagram: @kobokofitness 

Weight-lifting bootcamp: Irving “Zeus” Hyppolite fills his live virtual hip-hop Inner U Bootcamp classes with strength training and hip-hop. You pay a small fee per class or you can get a monthly subscription.  Instagram: @zeusofqlf 

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