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Missed our ‘Lunch Break’ cooking class? Here’s the recipe and other lunch tips

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Thank you to those that joined us last week for our first-ever Lunch Break event! In case you missed it, we held a cooking class with several members of our Found leadership team and special guest Desiree Nielsen, RD. Together we made a delicious 5-Minute Vegan Chickpea Tuna Sandwich—check out the recipe here.

Here’s what you missed

Desiree discussed that she loves celebrating these uber simple meals because sometimes, it can feel really difficult to eat whole plant foods. Not only is this lunch super simple to put together, but, because it’s also high in fiber and plant-based protein, it’ll leave you feeling full for hours. 

According to Desiree, canned chickpeas are just as good for you as dried. In fact, if you don’t eat a ton of beans, it can be even better for you to use canned beans over dried—the canning process actually breaks down some of the gas-producing carbohydrates into a more digestible form (for dried beans, a thorough soak usually does the trick). If you’ve ever noticed cloudy liquid in a can of beans, that’s a combination of water and the starch released from the beans. If you don’t drain and rinse canned beans well, you’ll ingest that starch—and it could cause gas. Desiree also notes that when it comes to eating beans, consistency matters: “Eating a small amount every day will allow your gut microbiome to eventually adjust.” She recommends looking for cans labeled “no added salt,” so you can control the overall level of salt you add to your meal. 

And for the bread? Desiree prefers a sprouted grain bread without flour, because it’s high in fiber and plant-based protein. Again, this helps you feel satiated longer! Our panelists discussed serving your tuna with a salad bowl, whole grain crackers, rice crackers, lettuce cups, or celery, too. The possibilities are endless!

3 Quick tips from the #FoundFam

  1. Alex, our Chief Product Officer, had a nifty herb hack to share. This works for almost all fresh herbs! Place a fork at the base of a bunch, and simply pull up—all the leaves will come off the stems. This method allows you to destem herbs in less than 10 seconds! If you need a visual aid, see this video

  2. Libby, our Product Manager, mentioned that it’s the little habits that help her keep up momentum with a healthy lifestyle—and prevent burnout. Without them, she feels like she loses steam. Her trick? Pairing habits, like meditating for 2 minutes in the morning while your tea or coffee brews. 

  3. Bailey, our Coach Community Manager, shared an easy go-to lunch idea for those days when you don’t have a plan: a “kitchen sink” bowl that combines fat, fiber, and protein. We recommend raiding the fridge and tossing together some leftover veggies, beans, or perhaps your leftover chickpea tuna. ;) 

Our next event is November 19 at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET, and we’ll be talking about all things holiday eating. We’d love to see you there! Register here to tune in LIVE.

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