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Weight care vs. Traditional weight loss

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What is Found?

Found is a holistic weight care program that helps users lose weight and improve their health. Found utilizes scientifically proven methods, rather than the latest “health trends” you see elsewhere.

 But, what exactly is weight care? Let’s start with what it’s not: unhealthy yo-yo diets, self-directed frustration for lack of quick progress, or unsustainable lifestyle changes that won’t create lasting change. Weight care of course is about losing weight, but it is also about victories off the scale, meeting yourself where you are, and finding healthy habits that last a lifetime. Found puts weight care into action by focusing on the biological drivers of weight health, instead of constantly counting calories or requiring never-ending exercise regimens. A holistic focus on the many contributors to weight means that Found works for people who have tried those “health trend” diets but not seen lasting results. Found is for the people who have tried it all, only to realize there’s no silver bullet for weight loss.

Found’s emphasis on weight care, rather than weight loss, informs the core pillars of the program: prescription medication via licensed healthcare providers, support, and a personalized wellness and nutrition plan tailored to your lifestyle needs. Read on for an in-depth understanding of how Found is different from traditional weight loss programs. 

Found focuses on whole-person health and wellness

If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight in the past, you know that many weight loss methods place the blame on the individual, ignoring that a person’s weight is biological, not a behavior or decision. Found is different, prioritizing your overall well being, not just the number on the scale. This is because Found recognizes that weight loss is more complex than simply “eat less, move more”  and considers a variety of biological, psychological, and social contributors. As part of the whole-person weight care approach, Found prescribes medications, tailors a personalized nutrition and movement plan, and provides advice on stress reduction, amongst dozens of other topics. Found isn’t just about what you lose— it’s also about what you find, with members reporting improved sleep and mood as a result of the time spent dedicated to building healthy lifestyle habits.

Found offers continuous support and sustainable programs

A key factor in Found’s holistic weight care approach is an emphasis on sustainable lifestyle changes that go far beyond rapid weight loss. The Found support network grants you access to a private community of fellow members who have been in the same situations. By empowering you to form new, sustainable weight care habits, Found ensures that you have the tools to take back control of your weight and overall health.

Found is non-judgemental, medically-informed, and body-positive

It’s no secret that traditional weight loss programs are built on layers of shame and negativity. Found is different: the focus is on building a healthier lifestyle together, rather than punishing your body and mind for biological predispositions ultimately outside of your control. Prescription medicine and nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management tackle weight care from all sides. Found stresses that program benefits go beyond the number on the scale, with members relishing in lowered stress levels and improved mood. As one user puts it, “Just like health care… or skin care... Weight care is caring for my weight.”  

Found believes in their ability to help you lose weight— and find a healthier lifestyle along the way. That’s why they’re offering a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re ready to stop punishing your body and start caring for it, you can take Found’s eligibility quiz to find which personalized path is right for you.

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