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3 Ways Found can help you feel healthier

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With all of life’s constant demands it can be difficult to prioritize your health. You have a busy life, and with so much on your plate, self-care can feel like just one more chore that you don’t have time for. Without someone to support and guide you, your weight health journey might feel more like a confusing maze than a smooth path. 

Found is the guide you’ve been looking for. Our team of experts will take the time to understand your unique biology and carefully craft a personalized map to a healthier you.

Here are 3 ways Found will help you on your health journey

  1. Consultations with board-certified doctors

    You’ve probably been told that a person’s weight is simply a result of “calories in and calories out.” In reality, weight is influenced by a person’s genetics, psychology, social context and dozens of other factors. By not considering the complex interactions between all of these factors, traditional weight health programs don’t give you the tools you may need to reach your health goals. 

    Unlike these other programs, Found understands that effective weight-care requires a holistic approach. When you join Found, a board-certified physician will meet with you to discuss your specific situation. Found’s doctors have the experience to untangle the web of factors that may have prevented you from losing weight in the past, and they’ll work with you to create a plan that works for you. Found will ship medication to your door for an affordable rate with no hidden fees. 

  2. Wellness coaching

    Found is a holistic wellness program. As part of its focus on wellness, Found provides its members with 24/7 access to a health coach who can help walk you through the day-to-day process of your weight-care journey. From advice on effective meal-prepping, to strategies for managing stress, to fun and easy ways to stay active, our coaches will support you in your health goals. 

    Our coaches play a key part in the Found program. More than half of our members agreed that Found’s coaching was “critical” to their success in reaching their weight-care goals. When we asked for feedback from our members one said, “I love this experience! I love my coach!” With Found you’ll be able to reach a wellness expert with the tap of a button. 

  3. A supportive online community

    Found’s members gain access to an online community where they can share progress, track their goals and communicate with others on the same journey. The community serves an important role in supporting members and helping maintain accountability. 

    When you're struggling to lose weight, it's easy to begin feeling isolated and alone. With the support of the Found community you'll know that you're not alone on your journey and that you are part of a community that wants to see you succeed." 

    Found provides you with all the tools and support you need to become your healthiest and most-authentic self. By collaborating with you to build the perfect weight-care plan for your body and your life, we can help you achieve your health goals. Weight-care should work with your body’s biology, not against it. If you’re ready to see how Found can help you, take the quiz to see if you’re eligible. We have a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to signing up 

“So many individuals spend years trying different diet and exercise plans to help them lose weight but often to no avail. These other programs ignore the biological contributors to weight gain. Found is based on your biology and is backed by science.” - LYNN YUDOFSKY, MD, Director of Behavioral Health

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