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How Found Is different from other weight loss programs

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Most diet programs consist of some form of "eat less, move more", which may work in the short term but rarely deliver lasting results. That’s because our weight is not determined by willpower—but rather your individual biological, social and psychological factors. Found is a new weight care program that has an innovative, medically-guided approach to weight loss.

We use modern medicine to help you better address how things like genetics, hormones, metabolism and gut health affect your weight. We work with experts across the board—including doctors, dietitians, psychiatrists and more—to build a better path to weight care. To put it simply, we consider your whole life and address all the factors that might be impacting your weight. 

Learn how we stand out amongst other weight loss programs:

  1. Found is science backed

    Found is based on your biology and is backed by science. Up to 80% of your weight could be influenced by your genetics—your biology affects your ability to gain and lose weight. That’s why Found pairs you with a board-certified medical provider to evaluate your genetics, hormones, and health history to determine if prescription medication could work for you. Some prescriptions can help to reduce cravings while others work to speed up your metabolism. Prescription weight loss medication can be an extremely effective weight loss tool.

  2. Found offers one-on-one personalized health coaching

    One of the biggest struggles that comes with any lifestyle change is accountability. We’ve all tried weight loss programs that may be successful in the short term but the food restrictions or complexity of the program aren’t sustainable and the weight comes right back. Found’s personal health coaching works differently. We pair you with your own personal health coach who creates a custom program just for you. Our coaches help you set small, attainable weekly goals that create sustainable healthy habits over time and guide you every step of the way.

  3. It's affordable and convenient

    Healthcare costs are often high and unpredictable. Navigating complicated insurance co-pays and coverage can be exhausting. Found makes getting the medical attention and support you deserve as painless as possible. The Found memberships includes prescription medication delivered to your door, ongoing personalized 1:1 health coaching and access to the private community all for as low as $20/week. With Found, there are no extra doctor fees and no worrying about insurance coverage. Plus we are currently offering a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning you can try our program out risk-free.

“I had done everything in the past. Anything you can think of, I have done it. Any type of diet that has ever been out, I've tried it. This is the only thing that has worked for me.” - Heather, Found Member 


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