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The 6 reasons why it is so important to drink more water

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Written by Rebecca Roberts, Certified Health Coach at Found Edited by Lynn Yudofsky, MD, Director of Behavioral Health at Found

While you read this you may want to fill up a glass of water. Drinking water is the most important component to our vitality. Our bodies are made up of 60%—75% water. Science shows that drinking enough water helps our minds and bodies feel nourished, clean and energized!

Here are 6 evidence based benefits of drinking water that you should know:

  1. Helps your athletic performance

    We can lose a significant amount of water by sweating while working out. Even losing a small percentage of water weight working out can lead to dehydration. Dehydration unfortunately impairs energy and reduces endurance. Next time you work out, focus on drinking plenty of water before and after so you can perform at your absolute best! 

  2. Can prevent & treat common ailments

    Dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, constipation, and heartburn among others. Drinking water can help both prevent and treat some of the most common discomforts. Staying well hydrated on a daily basis is one of the best natural remedies of all!

  3. Improves your cognitive function

    Your brain requires hydration to function properly. Even mild dehydration caused by normal daily activities can impair mood, memory, and concentration. The bottom line is to keep hydrated to maximize your brain performance.

SIDE SCIENCE ☼It has been proposed that mild dehydration acts as a physiological stressor which impairs cognitive processes. So drink more water to keep your mind sharp!

4. Helps us stay beautiful

Water keeps our skin vibrant and elastic while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Some may say that it even makes skin glow! Also, water prevents bad breath and tooth decay by helping with saliva production. Who knew H20 was our best kept beauty secret?!

5. Keeps our whole body healthy

Water is essential for life. It regulates our body temperature, cushions our tissues, organs and muscles, aids digestion, helps our blood carry oxygen, and improves our immune system—just to name a few! One could say that drinking enough water a day may help keep the doctor away!

6. Is beneficial for weight loss

Drinking water will help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism which in turn will increase the amount of calories you burn a day. Drinking water before meals can also help you feel less hungry. 

“Did you know that it is not uncommon to mistake thirst for hunger? People often eat more when they are actually thirsty as our minds can confuse hunger and thirst signals. Staying well hydrated throughout the day and drinking a glass of water before meals and snacks can help prevent overeating and weight gain. If you are not a fan of plain water, try adding in frozen fruit, a squeeze of citrus, or cucumber and mint.”



Drink at least ½ your body weight in ounces of water or more each day for your cells to function better, your mood and cognitive function to improve, and your body to work like a well-oiled machine!

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