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3 Reasons to try medically-backed weight care with Found this New Year

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Every New Year that rolls around, we’re told the age-old myth that the only way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. As a resolution, this tends not to stick. We recognize this at Found, and have developed a long-term weight care program meant to make a lasting impact.

Found members receive a highly personalized, holistic weight care program that combines prescription medication, and access to a private online community. This holistic approach has been proven to be highly effective at successful weight loss with lasting results.

Here’s why we think Found is the best way to see if prescription medication can support your weight loss journey:

1. Personalized prescriptions from an expert board of care providers

Prescription weight loss medication can be an extremely effective weight loss tool. However, it is important to find the correct medication for you. Different medications counteract different causes of unhealthy weight. For example, some medications work to reduce cravings while others work to speed up your metabolism. For this reason, Found members fill out an extremely detailed health questionnaire that enables board-certified medical providers to pinpoint and prescribe exactly which medications and dosage will result in sustainable, long-term weight loss.

2. Affordable with no hidden fees

Healthcare costs are often high and unpredictable. Navigating complicated insurance co-pays and coverage can be exhausting. Found makes getting the medical attention and support you deserve as painless as possible. The Found memberships includes prescription medication delivered to your door, ongoing support and access to the private community. Many top prescription weight loss medications can cost upwards of $100 a month, and that’s not including co-pays for doctor visits. With Found, there are no extra doctor fees and no worrying about insurance coverage.

Additionally, if you are ready to commit to long-term weight care, Found offers discounts on multi-month subscriptions. If you’re ready for a weight care program that really works, look no further.

3. Virtual appointments and RX delivery

Losing weight is hard, but at Found we wanted to make it as easy as possible. That’s why we try to streamline the process as much as possible. All medical consultations are done virtually, so getting a prescription is simple and easy. On top of that, your weight loss medication is delivered right to your door with free shipping, so no trip to the pharmacy either.

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