Weight loss is more than willpower

It’s biological. It’s personal. Let’s treat it that way.

Board-certified Clinicians
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Weight Care & Clinical Support
How it works
Just cutting carbs doesn’t cut it. Lasting weight care starts with your biology, leverages modern science, and supports you in three key ways.
Prescription medication
Balance your biology with an assist from clinician-prescribed medications. These help curb cravings and reduce appetite, amongst other benefits.
Private community
Accountability matters. Join an active community of supportive members who have been there, done that.
Personal health coach
Our coaches craft your nutrition, movement and wellbeing plan. You'll know yours by name in no time.

Your biology vs your effort

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight but haven’t had much success, your biology may be a reason.

Found leverages modern medicine to help you better address how things like genetics, hormones, metabolism and gut health affect your weight.


Our community

Join tens of thousands of Found members.

Kim •
Lost 53lbs
Found Motivation
“When I started I was 238. Now I’m 185. It took taking the medicine, being really committed to the lifestyle, and listening to my coach and having that accountability to her.”
Tony •
Lost 107lbs
“I never thought by making an impulsive choice to to click on the Found site I’d be celebrating a 100lb weight loss in less than a year.”
Amy •
Lost 83lbs
FOUND confidence
“When I first started this I thought it was going to take me a year at least to get to my first weight loss goal but I’m 3 months in and I’m so close!”

Start here, we’ll get you there

A step by step process to learn about you and personalize your plan.

Step 1
Help us get to know you with a detailed medical questionnaire.
Step 2
Based on your BMI and other health factors, our team will work with you to determine if medication could help balance your biology.
Step 3
Your medication will be delivered right to your door. You have better things to do than go to the pharmacy.
Step 4
Real friends text. Your Health Coach will connect with you via SMS and work with you on nutrition, fitness and mindset.

We found the experts

At Found, you’ll work with an expert care team to tailor a plan just for you.


Specifically trained on weight loss medication

Non-judgemental, always

Expert Image
Dr. Judith Korner, MD, PhD

Director of the Metabolic and Weight Control Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Vice Chair of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

Expert Image
Dr. Larry Cheskin, MD

Founder of The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center.

Expert Image
Dr. Angela Fitch, MD

Associate Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center and faculty at Harvard Medical School.

Expert Image
Dr. Shawn Cole, MD, MS, MHA

Dr. Cole has nearly a decade of experience in telemedicine leadership and is passionate about delivering the highest quality care to all Found Members.

Director of the Metabolic and Weight Control Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Vice Chair of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

On average, Found members lose 10% body weight by month 8. And keep it off.

Your happy weight awaits