Empowering communities one healthy habit at a time

Nutrition is core to fighting obesity

For too many communities across America, reliable access to nutritious food is a daily struggle. We created the Healthy Habits Program to be the change we want to see.

At Found, our mission is to provide people with access to the weight care tools they need to live healthier, longer lives. For some, that means access to medication to address their biology. For others, it’s simply access to healthy, nutrient-dense food.

Healthy Habits is our mission in action. Together with Instacart, the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley, and Unite Us, we’re providing realistic solutions for communities in South Texas impacted by both nutrition insecurity and obesity.


Our Instacart Fresh Funds donation supports food stipends for each member


Over a three-month period, members receive weekly actionable habits


Food Bank members participating in the Healthy Habits Program

Found is committed 
to improving nutrition access

The communities the Food Bank of Rio Grande Valley serves in South Texas are home to the highest concentration of adults living with obesity in the country, with many also living with diabetes and other chronic conditions. These communities face other challenges rooted in systemic issues, such as lower incomes, inadequate health care, and barriers to transportation.

Dollar stores, gas stations, and drive-thru convenience stores make up about 70% of the “grocery stores,” leaving many residents reliant on donations from the Food Bank for access to fresh produce.

Found’s Healthy Habits Program expands access to nutritious food and provides actionable habits curated by our behavioral health experts to the Food Bank’s members, ensuring these communities have the support they need to make lasting changes.

Obesity is not a decision, but rather a result of multiple complex factors like education, access to nutritious food, biology, and medical experts who can tailor treatment to the individual. It should be treated with the same level of care as any other chronic disease.

Sarah Romotsky • Registered dietitian and former Head of Strategic Partnerships at Found

Faces of the Rio Grande Valley

Hear from Healthy Habits participants and members of the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley on their personal health journeys, and get ready to be inspired.

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