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He lost 20 pounds in 2 months on metformin. Here’s how.

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When Terrance Truitt turned 32, he began reflecting on his life and career and felt proud of his milestones—he'd just graduated with a PhD, for example, and was a keynote speaker at a conference in the high school he'd attended. But that pride stopped when it came to looking in the mirror.

"I just didn't like the man I saw," he says. "I was succeeding in these other parts of my life, and it wasn't matching up with what I was looking at. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, and as I gained weight, I was less interested in going out and doing more."

Although he'd struggled with weight throughout his life, Terrance noticed he began gaining even more weight a few years ago once he turned 30. He took action to see if he could reverse that progression. First, he tried over-the-counter weight loss products, then calorie restriction, fasting, and diet plans. But, although there was modest success initially with each method, he was disheartened when his weight loss hit a plateau—which then was followed by gaining it back.

Another factor in the effort was his health, he says. Diabetes and hypertension run in his family, but Terrance was hesitant to go to the doctor and get his blood sugar and blood pressure checked because he didn't want anyone—even his health provider—to know his true weight. 

"I took the mindset that if I feel good and I don't know my numbers, then I don't have to do anything about them," he says. "But I did get to the point where I realized I needed to do something about my weight that was sustainable, both for my self-image and for my health overall." Getting personalized weight care 

After doing some online research, Terrance discovered Found at the end of October 2023 and thought he'd give it a try based on positive reviews from people who'd tried it. The initial health screening that was done as part of Found's program revealed that Terrance was prediabetic and had elevated blood pressure—not enough to be classified as hypertensive, but headed in that direction. 

"Right away, I appreciated how the program looks at your numbers and your health to make sure you're prescribed the right medication because it forced me to confront the truth," he says. "I didn’t have accountability in my previous efforts doing this on my own, so this was a first step toward being realistic with myself about where I was at and what I needed." 

Because he was prediabetic, the recommended medication was metformin, which is often used in patients with type 2 diabetes as a way to control high blood sugar. Although metformin wasn't developed as a weight-loss drug, research has found that weight loss is a common effect of the medication along with blood glucose regulation. 

Like Terrance, everyone who joins Found has access to a clinician trained in obesity medicine who can personalize a prescription and tailor treatment based on their medical history, weight history, and biology. Found-affiliated providers also use MetabolicPrintTM, a proprietary assessment that helps members and their providers understand what is preventing weight loss so providers can effectively help members reach their goals. There’s also an FDA “black box warning” on metformin as it carries a serious safety risk of lactic acidosis. Additionally, metformin may stimulate ovulation in those with PCOS or who are premenopausal, which may increase the risk of unintended pregnancy. Find detailed side effects and risk information on our dedicated metformin page

Results: Terrance lost 20 pounds—and found a community he can count on 

After starting metformin, Terrance experienced minimal side effects—some bloating early on, which resolved after a couple weeks—and after two months on the drug, he’s lost 20 pounds. (Of course, individual results may vary. And, each person should make medication decisions in consultation with a medical provider.) While Terrance had hoped for results like that, what he didn't expect was to forge such a strong connection with the Found community.

"Once I downloaded the Found app, that was a turning point because you have all these people who are cheering you on, and it feels like a safe space," he says. "I'm connected on social media, but I didn’t share my weight-loss journey because I didn't want to be judged. Not everyone can empathize with what you're doing. Sometimes, they even make snarky comments. But in the Found community, they have the same goals; they know what you're going through, you can joke and be encouraging, and we all win."

Terrance is so active in the community that if he doesn't post for a few days, other members check in on him. That's the kind of connection that makes him feel supported, he says.

Celebrating big wins 

Terrance has plenty of non-scale victories as well. He's discovered that he has more energy, which helps him go to the gym more often, and he's comfortable going out with his wife and daughter, leading to more outings as a family. He's also realized through talking with his Found coach and community that he has a strong tendency to be an emotional eater and turns to food when he's stressed or needs comfort.

"Found helped me realize that about myself. Now I can use that information to take a moment whenever I'm about to mindlessly reach for food," he says. "I ask myself: Am I hungry, or am I about to eat because I'm stressed? That's made a big difference."

Even more, he doesn't avoid the mirror anymore. Not only can he fit into clothes that he hasn't worn for a year or more, but he also feels a renewed sense of confidence. 

"That is the number one benefit," says Terrance. "I'm learning to love myself again through this journey. I don't have to hide myself anymore."

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