Small changes and weight-loss medication helped Elisha S. lose 30 pounds

Small changes and weight-loss medication helped Elisha S. lose 30 pounds

Small changes and weight-loss medication helped Elisha S. lose 30 pounds

March of 2022 is when Elisha Sessoms took a leap of faith by joining Found. Here’s what she discovered—hint, it’s so much more than weight loss.

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November 21, 2022
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Elisha Sessoms had tried to lose weight since high school—which eventually led her to get gastric bypass surgery in 2012. She ended up dropping 133 pounds (!!). But when she later regained some of the weight, the 42-year-old was determined to find another way to take it off for good. “The surgery was life-changing, literally. I will always be a healthy, big girl, but over time I was starting to eat more and not really doing what I was supposed to. I always tell people that the surgery is a tool, but that you have to put in the work.”  

So, in March of 2022, she committed to regaining control of her weight loss journey by joining Found. She lost 30 pounds in eight months—with a goal of losing 20 more.

The Rx difference 

Sessoms says that the convenience and ease of the Found program made it easier to slow down and create meaningful, sustainable goals. And the medication her care provider prescribed helped her gain control over her appetite. It was the missing piece that she needed to find success. “It started off slow but definitely progressed,” she explains. 

The thing is when you lose weight—even with surgery—your body may eventually put a halt to the journey. (You can get mad at it all you want, but it’s an age-old survival mechanism.) And that’s where medication can offer an edge when trying to push past a plateau—because it can target the specific pathway (or pathways) that your body uses to hold on to the weight. The truth is that obesity is a disease that can’t always be managed through diet and exercise alone. But, when appropriate, medication can make a huge impact when added to an overall wellness plan.

For Sessoms, it was a combo of metformin along with naltrexone and bupropion. Metformin helps control her insulin response and hunger, and naltrexone and bupropion treat cravings and compulsive eating. The combo allowed her to make healthier lifestyle choices.  

Finding long-term weight loss success 

Sessoms also says that she appreciates her non-scale victories (or NSVs) because they can be as—if not more—important than the number of pounds lost on any given week. “I don’t look at the scale and feel defeated if it doesn't move. I understand that small changes can make a small but meaningful difference,” she explains. Her clothes fit more comfortably. She feels better overall. And Sessoms says she’s committed to her “why”—meaning the reasons she embarked on this journey. She assesses her goals each week so she can stay focused, push onward, and reach her weight loss goals. 

When asked what she wants others who are just getting started on their weight care journey to keep in mind, Sessoms says, “trust the process by staying focused and practicing patience.”

We are honored to be a part of Elisha’s health journey and congratulate her on her success. We look forward to hearing more about her progress with Found. 

So what is Found?

Found is a company that helps people gain control of their life and finally lose weight for good. It is a combination of prescribed medication (if appropriate for you), coaching, lifestyle change, and support through the Found Facebook community. It is about setting realistic goals, being accountable, and understanding that nothing is easy, but we can help make it easier.

Found is a membership program that gives you access to a healthcare professional who will review your initial questionnaire and determine if you qualify for medication. If you do, the provider will determine which Rx best suits your needs.

Two or three days later, your meds show up in the mail and you’ll be ready to begin. Two weeks before your Rx is due to run out, you will receive a follow-up consultation questionnaire where you address any progress you have made, or if there have been any changes in your life such as new medications or health issues. From there, you will meet with the healthcare provider again to assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments. You'll also have one-on-one access to a health coach the first month you're with Found, plus an in-app lifestyle change program to help you succeed long-term. 

Who is it for?

We’ll be the first to tell you that there’s no magic weight-loss solution. But if you take your medication every day as prescribed, move a little more, and eat a little less, you’ll start seeing results. In fact, Found has helped members lose a total of 750,000 pounds.

For more information about the medications, click here

About Found

Found is among the largest medically-supported weight care clinics in the country, serving more than 200,000 members to date. To start your journey with Found, take our quiz.

Published date:
November 21, 2022
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The Found Team


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