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The Found difference

The Found program with medication outperforms clinical studies of medication alone by up to 229% more

Why come to Found for medication?

Largest weight loss clinic in the US
Wide medication offering
Effective, long-term results
Board certified physicians trained in obesity medicine

It’s not just willpower

It’s not just willpower

With medication, we’re able to step-in where biology and willpower alone, cannot.

Prescription medication along with a healthier lifestyle doubles to triples the odds of losing
5-10% body weight, for the long-run.
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Backed by science, crafted by clinical experts
Dr. Rekha Kumar, M.D., M.S., Chief Medical Officer at Found
Former director for the American Board of Obesity Medicine
Prescription medication can treat the aspects of weight biology that we don't have control over. The medications Found offers are supported by clinical evidence to be highly effective and safe for helping aid with weight loss. We look at various factors to determine the medication that will be safest and most effective for each member’s individual needs.
Science & research from our in-house experts
Let’s break the stigma around weight loss meds once and for all
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How does Found prescription medication work?
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Wellbutrin weight loss: Can prescription bupropion help you lose weight?
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What’s inside our medication toolkit?

Get to know the 6 different medications we offer and how they can help you on your weight care journey.
Found offers a wide range of prescription weight loss medications to its members. Your board-certified medical provider will provide additional details during your initial consultation if you qualify.

Weight loss beyond the label

We often hear this question. Below is a 101 on what you need to know about off-label prescribing and additional resources to learn more about the practice.

What is off-label prescibing?

Off-labeling refers to medications that aren’t yet FDA-approved for weight loss, but have been shown through clinical studies, to safely aid in weight loss.

Benefits of off-label for weight loss medicine

Shown through clinical studies to safely aid in weight loss
Prescription medication along with a healthier lifestyle doubles to triples the odds of losing
5-10% body weight
20% percent of US prescriptions are prescribed off-label
Safe and common Rx recommendations

Why am I being prescribed seizure medication for weight loss?

Answer: Zonisamide is an effective off-label medication for appetite and craving control. It can be used alone or in combination with other medications to help target multiple mechanisms of weight loss.


Why am I being prescribed diabetes medication for weight loss?

Answer: Metformin is a plant-derived off-label option for weight loss, appetite control, and sugar/carbohydrate craving control.


Why am I being prescribed 
opioid addiction medication for 
weight loss?

Answer: Naltrexone is an off-label option for weight loss which works by treating cravings and compulsive eating.

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How Found works

Getting everything you need from the comfort of home.

No more awkward conversations, uninviting waiting rooms, or in-office doctor’s appointments.

Day 1
Once you join Found, you’ll be paired with one of our board-certified clinicians who will schedule your 1:1 consultation.
Day 2-3
Your clinician will go through your medical history and lifestyle to determine the best medication and treatment path for you.
Day 5-7
Your medication is shipped to your door. And voila! You’re on your way to losing weight and finding so much more.
Ongoing Support
If you have side effects, questions, or concerns, your clinician is always available for check-ins and to adjust dose and medication, as needed.

Real people...

The medications help control your hunger.
I feel with that control I can take the time to understand my body and my mindset.
I’m truly gaining confidence, not weight.
— Toni M. | Found CONFIDENCE
Excellent experience! Didn’t like the first medication. I immediately spoke to the medical team about my concerns and they promptly found me a much better alternative. The alternative has been working much better for me and I can’t be happier with my results so far! The medical team is caring and compassionate.
—Liza R. | Found SUPPORT

...Real results

800,000 lbs
lost to date
3 Months
43% Found members lost 5% or more of their total body weight on the program
6 Months
61% Found members lost 5% or more of their total body weight on the program
12 Months
The average Found member lost 10% of their body weight on the program
Frequently asked questions
  • What medications does Found offer?

    Found providers currently prescribe 13 different medications that can be combined to create more than 60 different possible treatment paths, available through our Prescription Program, each uniquely paired to address your biological and medical history.
    Those medications may include:

    • Buproprion
    • Metformin

    All medications prescribed through Found are backed by scientific research, thoroughly vetted by our medical team, and are commonly prescribed by obesity medical experts to support healthy weight loss. Once you’ve been approved for our Prescription Program, your provider will help you consider various medical options before finalizing your prescription.

  • Who are the providers on the Found platform?

    All of our medical providers are US-licensed with combined decades of clinical experience and weight loss expertise. Alongside our robust medical team, Found collaborates with renowned health industry leaders to craft nutritional and wellbeing plans that work in sync with your unique biology and lifestyle. At the leadership level, we've recently welcomed Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rehka Kumar, and Chief Behavioral Officer, Dr. Acacia Parks, to head our future-pioneering work in the weight care space.

  • What if the provider determines a prescription is not right for me?

    During the initial consultation, your provider assesses all information available — your quiz results, unique biology, and medical history included — to determine if medicating would be safe and effective for your body. Our Support Team is here to help you switch to our non-prescription medication option if you’re eligible, cancel, or otherwise adjust your membership. Please email to talk to a team member.

  • Do you have medical advisors?

    We do. You can read more about our advisory team by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page under the title, “We found a team that cares”

  • Why do I need a photo ID to begin my membership?

    Found providers are required by law to review a legible photo of a valid government-issued ID before they can prescribe medication. 

    Our partnering e-pharmacies are also required to confirm your identity using a valid government-issued ID before they can fill or ship medication.

    With that in mind, please make sure your entire ID is visible so we can verify your name, photo, date of birth, and expiration date. 

    We take privacy very seriously, and all of our records are stored and protected per HIPAA standards.

    Click here to learn more about photo ID requirements.

  • Can I change my medication or dosage?

    In choosing which medications to prescribe, our prescribers look at various factors to determine the medication that will be safest and most effective for your individual needs. It can take a while for your body to adapt to medication, so we advise sticking to your dose and medication plan until your scheduled refill date unless you are experiencing adverse side effects. If you prefer to discuss alternative options before then, you will have the option to reach out to your provider for guidance.

    Click here if you have to learn more about the medications offered.

  • Do I need a doctor’s referral?

    You don't need a doctor's referral to sign up for Found. However, our medical team is happy to collaborate with your doctor if appropriate.

  • What is off-label drug use?

    Every FDA-approved medication has an approved label or indication for which it is prescribed such as a specific disease or condition. When a clinician prescribes medication "off-label," they are prescribing medication for use in a different way than the medication was approved by the FDA.

    Providers frequently prescribe medications “off label” when the medicine has a known benefit to treating a condition. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that one in five, or 20%, of all prescriptions in the United States, are for off-label use.

    While not always labeled for weight loss, all of our generic medications are FDA approved and have shown safety and efficacy for weight loss. These medications are the same as those offered in academic medical centers. Treatment through the Found platform expands access to obesity treatment by bypassing long waitlists for appointments and copays for visits. 

    When prescribed responsibly, off-label medication can help expand a patient's range of options to ensure they're able to access the appropriate medication at the right dose for their specific biological needs.

  • What pharmacy does Found use?

    Found partners with two e-pharmacies that enable us to ship directly to you. With our e-pharmacy partners, the cost of medication and shipping is covered in the price of membership. Of course, if you prefer to stick with your pharmacy, you can reach out to our support team by emailing, and we can set that up.

    The cost of shipping is covered by your membership. Most of the medications Found offers are also included in your membership fee.

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