Smarter weight care solutions for a healthier, happier workforce

Empower your employees with the most clinically comprehensive weight loss program tailored to every factor that makes them unique.

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Smarter weight care solutions for a healthier, happier workforce




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State of Weight Care Report
Found’s inaugural “State of Weight Care Report equips benefit leaders, workforce employees, and individuals wanting to improve their health with the insights they need to make clinically responsible decisions related to weight management.

Meet Found

A modern, evidence-based approach to weight loss and weight management that combines research on biology and personalized medicine with lasting behavior change, powered by leading-edge technology.

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Empower your team to thrive

Found is an effective weight care program designed to tackle chronic disease, lower healthcare costs and boost quality of life.

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5% weight loss at month 3 by almost half of the members.
10 % average weight loss after a year on the program.
67% monthly participation rate by Found members versus avg 20% rate for employee wellness programs
5% weight loss at month 3 by almost half of the members.
10 % average weight loss after a year on the program.
67% monthly participation rate by Found members versus avg 20% rate for employee wellness programs

What employees get from the Found program

Obesity is a medical condition, let's treat it that way. Our integrative weight care program combines effective medication and lifestyle change to address your employees’ unique biology.

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Provider & medication

Provider & medication

Get 1:1 consults with our clinicians, plus access to the widest toolkit of branded and generic weight loss medications available. Our providers will check in with members at critical points to make sure the medication is working and adjust as needed.
Community & lifestyle tools

Community & lifestyle tools

Share the journey, celebrate wins, and stay motivated with other members in the mobile app. Our community of 190k+ members use the app to stay on track with their weight goals through guided lifestyle programming, meal logging, activity tracking, and monthly challenges.
Dedicated coaching network

Dedicated coaching network

Members are paired with a dedicated coach to guide them through personalized lifestyle change from mindful eating to restful sleep. Members have access to our network of coaches throughout their weight care journey, with support personalized and adaptive to each member's needs and goals.
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Discover the Found difference

We use the latest advancements in modern medicine to tailor our program to the unique needs and goals of our members, adding safe and effective medication when appropriate.
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<p>The widest medication offering</p>

The widest medication offering

We offer 13 medications that can be personalized to 60+ treatment combinations — including generics, brand names, and GLP-1s — reducing reliance on insurance and employer health insurance costs.

<p>Backed by leading experts</p>

Backed by leading experts

Our clinical approach is led by our Chief Medical Officer, the former Medical Director for the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Our members have direct access to board-certified providers specialized in treating obesity.

<p>Sophisticated data-driven approach</p>

Sophisticated data-driven approach

We've invested in the largest pool of medical and behavioral data available to deliver an evidence-based approach with personalized insights for each member. Our data-driven machine intelligence is continually optimized as more members achieve their weight care goals.

<p>Personalized shame-free support</p>

Personalized shame-free support

Members receive a plan tailored to their unique biology and lifestyle. Through our community, members have access to expert coaching and fellow members, lifestyle programming, and shared medication resources — a rare combination of valuable support.

Your employees are in good hands

  • Rekha Kumar, MD, MS
    Medical Affairs
    Rekha Kumar, MD, MS

    Dr. Kumar is an endocronologist and obesity medicine specialist who has authored several papers on the medical management of obesity. She served as the former medical director of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

  • Judith Korner, MD, PhD
    Chief Medical Advisor
    Judith Korner, MD, PhD

    Dr. Korner is the founding Director, Columbia University Weight Management Center and Vice Chair of The Obesity Medical Board.

  • Lynn Yudofsky, MD
    Director of Behavioral Health
    Lynn Yudofsky, MD

    Dr. Yudofsky joins us from Stanford University, where she practiced as a psychiatrist and focused on integrative medicine. At Found she ensures that all Found members are taking care of their bodies and minds.

  • Jonathan Larson MD, MBA
    Medical Director
    Jonathan Larson MD, MBA

    A West Point graduate and a board-certified physician, Dr. Larson has a decade of telemedicine leadership and operational expertise. At Found, he is helping scale a high-quality telemedicine experience to provide the best obesity care.

  • Shebani Sethi, MD
    Medical Advisor
    Shebani Sethi, MD

    Dr. Sethi is the founding Director of Stanford University Metabolic Psychiatry and Silicon Valley Metabolic Psychiatry.

  • Larry Cheskin, MD
    Medical Advisor
    Larry Cheskin, MD

    Dr. Cheskin is the founder of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center.

  • Kyu Rhee, MD, MPP
    Medical Advisor
    Kyu Rhee, MD, MPP

    Dr. Rhee is the CEO of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC).

  • Shawn Cole, MD, MS, MHA
    Medical Advisor
    Shawn Cole, MD, MS, MHA

    Dr. Cole has nearly a decade of experience in telemedicine leadership and is passionate about delivering the highest quality care to all Found Members.

99% of U.S. doctors are not trained in managing obesity and overweight. We have access to compassionate, board-certified medical experts who are specially trained in obesity.

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