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How these members Found success with weight loss for the first time

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At Found, we offer biology-based, science-backed prescription weight loss programs for our members. Read the real stories of Found members who have finally found a path to lasting weight care. Kristine, Christine, and Taylor tell us their stories about how Found altered their lives in more ways than just weight-loss. 

“So many individuals spend years trying different diet and exercise plans to help them lose weight but often to no avail. These other programs ignore the biological contributors to weight gain. Found is based on your biology and is backed by science.”

- Lynn Yudofsky, MD, Director of Behavioral Health

  • Kristen's story

    If you name any weight-loss program or product, chances are, Kristen has already tried it. From program to program, they each were a flop, and Kristen gained the weight back. But last holiday season, she discovered Found - a program that connected genetics and biology to weight and science-backed evidence that maintaining a healthy weight is harder for some people than others.

    “That was so exciting to me, because out of all of the programs I’ve tried, not one of them has recognized that,” remarked Kristen. “They’ve all taken this cookie-cutter mentality to weight-loss–– like all of their customers should fit into a one-size-fits-all type of program.” After doing her research, Kristen signed up that day. What she found was a completely comprehensive program, based upon not only her unique biology, but social and emotional contributors to weight as well. The program includes a positive community to cheer you on throughout every step. Eight weeks later, Kristen is down 20 pounds. But to her, it hasn’t been the weight loss that really matters.

    “I have changed so much about the way that I think,” said Kristen. “I’ve changed my relationship with food. I’ve changed the way that I move my body."

    For the first time ever, Kristen came out of the holiday season without gaining a pound. By combining a biologically-based weight loss program and a community of people walking down this same path, Found has led Kristen to a success that she’s never found before.

    “If you were to ask me what I have found through this program, I think that I found success for the very first time with my battle with weight loss. The changes I am making are lifetime changes.”

  • Christine's story

    Christine joined Found because she loved the idea of having a health care professional, and, for the first time, trying medication tailored to her biology. In just two months, Christine has lost 25 pounds. “I couldn’t ask for better results,” Christine stated. “However, that is not my biggest success at this point. What I have to say is my biggest success is my mindset… A fog has lifted from my brain.” No longer is Christine wrapped up in thoughts of, “When am I going to eat a pizza next?” Or “I want to go make some cookies.” She says that since joining Found, it's the first time in her life that she has been able to change her mindset. She knows that if she can change the way she looks at food and her thoughts around food, she can change her habits around food, as well. “It’s not a diet. I’m not restricting what I eat. I am just able to make better choices, because I’m not obsessing over what I shouldn’t be eating,” said Christine. With real health practitioners giving scientifically-based advice, Christine has found success that she’s never experienced before. “Found has been life-altering for me in the best of ways.”

  • Taylor's story

    Taylor discovered Found amidst a low-point in her mental health. “I was struggling with a lot of body image issues, and feeling very sluggish, and just unhappy in my body,” said Taylor. After stumbling upon Found, what really sparked her interest was the professional support and medications that help to address weight at the cellular level. Taylor’s results? Success. She has lost 16 pounds and seven inches across her entire body, and gained the self confidence she was missing. Taylor attributes her success to Found’s team of cheerleaders. The way Found set her up for success by providing a program tailored to her, and a team that bolsters her, leaves Taylor looking forward to the future more than ever before.

At Found, we know that weight loss isn’t one-size-fits-all which is why we have a personalized, science-backed approach. If you are ready to enjoy all the benefits that come with getting to a healthy weight, take the quiz today to see if you are eligible for Found.

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