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What to expect during your first month at Found

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Starting something new can be scary—and that can be especially true of beginning a weight care program. (In fact, there’s a word for that very real fear of something new or unfamiliar: neophobia.) Is it normal to have some worries? Absolutely! Should they hold you back? Absolutely not! 

More than 40% of Americans are living with obesity. That number rises to around 73% if you include people living with excess weight. And a lot of them—like you—are searching for ways to get support. And that’s where Found comes in. We have a comprehensive team that’s uniquely designed with you in mind. We combine behavior change, social support, technology, and medication at your fingertips to support you on your weight care journey. 

But again, we get that it’s intimidating to start something new. So we’d like to walk you through what you can expect during your first month at Found.


Days 1-2:

Once you complete your intake form and find out which path you’re eligible for (prescription or wellness), you’ll select a membership plan. Shortly after, you’ll get a welcome email with loads of resources, including access to the Found app—it’s an essential program tool, so be sure to download it.

Remainder of week 1:

If you’ve qualified for the prescription path and your ID is verified, you’ll get a text: “There’s a message from the provider waiting in your Found portal.” Go ahead, sign in to the portal, and reply. You and your provider will message back and forth and review your medical history to determine which medication—or medications—may work best for you. One perk about this consultation process is that you don’t have to worry about setting up an appointment and going into a doctor’s office. #convenient 

After you agree to a medication, your provider will write a prescription that will be processed by a pharmacy and mailed right to your door. (Again, convenience!) Shipping can take 3-5 days, and you’ll receive a tracking number to keep tabs on your order. Meanwhile, you’ll continue to explore the app. You’ll find it’s one of the best tools to make behavior commitments that ultimately lead to long-term change. Be sure to check out all the features and log a routine or two.


This week at Found is all about you: What do you want to work on? What questions do you have? Are you getting the hang of the app?

When you’re ready, you’ll decide which healthy habits you’d like to build. Click “focuses and trends” in the app to browse and choose a focus. What are focuses? They are your roadmaps to lasting lifestyle change. And they’re a key way to build the healthy life you want. Our psychologists designed each focus to help you turn daily actions into habits you need for good weight care such as: eating more slowly, practicing meditation, reducing sugary drinks, moving more, and getting enough sleep. You’ll have several focus options to choose from, but don’t worry–you won’t tackle all of them at once. Rather, you’ll systematically choose and work through each focus until that behavior becomes second nature. Ultimately, it’s up to you how much time you spend in each focus—you’re in the driver’s seat!


Every Wednesday, you’ll be asked to log your weight and share any NSVs (non-scale victories). What are those? Non-scale victories are noticeable changes and achievements you’ve had regardless of what the scale says. They’re different forms of success that deserve recognition! So be on the lookout. Examples could be: more energy, fitting into your favorite pair of jeans, looser tops, or better sleep. These are unique to Y-O-U and can be shared with other Found members as a celebration in the app… oh yeah, did you figure that out yet? The app allows you to see other Found members' routines. You can interact with and support your peers that are also on their weight loss journey.


You’re nearing the end of your first month and becoming more and more comfortable with the process. You’ve met your Found provider, selected a focus or two, and become an active app user. Easy, breezy!

OK, we know that every day isn’t sunshine and rainbows. Fortunately, there are solutions for that. On hard days, use the roadblock section in the app, look for tips about your focus, reach out to the Found Community, and chat with your provider. Weight care can be a longer-than-expected, emotional journey, but just know that the Found team is all in with you. We stand behind our results and the services we offer. 

If you’re still nervous about starting, we encourage you to give it a try and see what Found can help you find.

Found offers a science-backed approach to weight care that's based on your unique biology, psychology, lifestyle and prescription medication needs. Members receiving medication plus behavior change support from Found lost at least 13% more weight, and in some cases up to 229% more, compared to people receiving the same medication in clinical studies. To start your journey with Found, take our quiz.

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