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The best way to work with your Found coach

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A weight-loss journey isn’t easy. It requires changing your habits and taking action to achieve your health goals. Imagine not having to do it alone and receiving support the entire way. Certified health coaches can help. Your relationship with your health coach is a partnership—here’s how you can get the most out of it. 

What a health coach is

A certified health coach is a behavior change expert. They help you implement positive lifestyle changes to make long-term improvements to your health. The health coach’s role is to work with you to set goals and develop action plans to accomplish those goals. Essentially, the health coach’s role is to hold up the map while you decide where you’d like to go! If you’re not quite sure, they can help you make choices based on the Found Habits program, your MetabolicPrintTM, your lifestyle, and your values.

What to expect when working with a health coach

Health coaches at Found are certified and trained specifically to help you set health goals that lead to sustainable weight loss. Health coaches can:

  • Discuss your readiness for change and support you in creating a growth mindset 

  • Help you set realistic goals and hold you accountable 

  • Discuss barriers to your success and strategies to overcome them

  • Encourage you to see things from a different perspective

  • Support you through your journey over time

    Additionally, coaches can provide you with science-backed guidance related to nutrition, movement, mood, and sleep to help you reach your goals.

How a health coach is different than a health care provider

Health coaches don’t prescribe or discuss medication options. Found members can message their Found-affiliated health care provider in the app for help with medication or medical questions. Once you join Found, within two to four days of sign up you'll get a message from your Found provider through your patient portal. Found's providers are trained in obesity medicine. They'll review your medical history, weight history, and MetabolicPrint to recommend medication options that are available and appropriate for you. Your provider will also help with overall medication management throughout your weight care journey.

How to make the most of your coaching relationship

Health coaching can make a positive impact on your success, according to research published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. The researchers looked at 11 different trials involving health coaches and 82 percent of them showed that participants showed improvement in at least one outcome. Bottom line: the professional help from a certified health coach can help you reach your weight loss goals and develop lasting healthy habits. 

Here’s how to build a relationship with your coach to get the most out of health coaching: 

  • Actively drive the process and choose your own goals. When individuals are more involved in making choices about lifestyle changes, success is greater and more sustainable.

  • Communicate consistently with your coach. The more you participate in communicating with your coach, the more personalized your program will be. Reach out to your coach with questions or feedback. Coaches will share resources, answer your questions, and make adjustments to find what works best for you. 

  • Share honestly. Being honest and sharing accurate information helps your health coach understand your needs. That said, only share what you feel comfortable with. As coaches learn more about you, your goals, and your lifestyle, they are better able to guide you toward successful lifestyle change. 

  • Be willing to try new things. Taking the actions necessary to achieve your goals may be a challenge, but the willingness to give it a try is key. It may be uncomfortable to try something new, but it’s all about seeing what works best for you. You never know—you may discover something you enjoy!

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