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Obesity is a disease, not a decision

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For decades, we’ve all been told that our weight is the result of a simple calculation. Calories in need to be less than calories out. That calculation, however, is inaccurate and outdated. At Found, we use a science-based approach that treats obesity as a disease, not as the result of personal decisions. This approach has the power to completely change the way we think about weight and health. This mindset motivates Found’s uniquely holistic approach to weight care.

Instead of blindly accepting the “calories in < calories out” mantra that dominates the market today, we at Found approach weight care from a medical, science-first point of view. Our doctors are experts in the biology of weight care. They’ll take the time to understand your particular situation and prescribe the right medications for you if you’re eligible.

The science of weight

The traditional view that obesity is solely a result of someone’s individual choices is incomplete and can contribute to stigma, shame and ineffective strategies for losing weight. It puts too much emphasis on subjective factors and simplistic cliches without considering the numerous complex factors that can influence weight. Different people have drastically different metabolic rates. Environmental factors, stress, and mental well-being can all impact someone’s ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Science has only recently begun to study and understand the many different aspects of a person’s life that can affect their weight. A review of the evidence, concluded that “genetic factors play a crucial role in determining an individual's predisposition to weight gain and being obese.” Genes can make it more likely that a person becomes obese, and can make it more difficult for them to lose weight. Any weight care program that doesn’t address the biological drivers of weight will be ineffective for a significant number of people.

Found’s holistic medical approach

Found is different from other programs, in that we work with our members to help them lose weight in a way that works with their bodies and takes into account the biological factors that influence their weight. That is why we never judge the choices of our members, instead focusing on the underlying biological drivers of weight health. The Found journey starts with a health quiz. The quiz results determine the specific path that is the best fit for you. The “RX Path” is Found’s most common plan. If eligible, you’ll meet virtually with a board-certified doctor specializing in weight care who will prescribe the right FDA-approved medications for you. All prescriptions will be shipped directly to your door for an affordable monthly fee.

Found offers a science-backed approach to weight care that's based on your unique biology, psychology, lifestyle and prescription medication needs. To start your journey with Found, take our quiz.

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