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Wait, this medication works for weight loss?

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Weight loss is hard, and keeping it off can be even more challenging. In fact, it’s been shown that only 20% of people are able to achieve long-term weight loss—defined as losing 5-10% of your body weight within six months, and keeping it off for at least a year. 

That news can be a little discouraging, we know. Want some good news? Those who combine medication with lifestyle modifications tend to lose more weight. And the real kicker? They are more likely to keep it off at the one-year mark! 

Found understands that no two people are the same. This is why our providers are able to prescribe a variety of weight care medications—some you may recognize, others you may not! 

The reason is that Found tries to prescribe generic forms of drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for chronic weight management—such as anti-obesity medication or AOMs. Why? Because often brand-name versions of popular AOMs such as Orlistat, Qsymia, Saxenda, and Wegovy come with a heftier price tag.

Plus, insurance coverage remains poor for most brand medicines, leading many obesity specialists to prescribe generic components that allow expanded access to treatment for their patients.

And lastly, medication-assisted weight loss would not be possible without the help of generic prescribing. By having a variety of medications that all target different pathways in the body, it allows medical providers to individualize treatment plans and choose what is right for you and your biological needs.

 Is there a difference?

Prescribing the generic components means that an obesity medicine specialist is prescribing "off-label" or “off-patent.” But that doesn’t mean that the drugs aren’t safe or tested—they’re simply not branded for weight loss. These medications still meet the FDA requirements of containing the active ingredient found in previously approved medicine, according to recent research.

When doctors do prescribe off-label, they match the doses to be as close as possible to the branded version, or they might opt to choose a dose that’s slightly different based on what’s safest for a patient.

Are "off-label" medications safe?

Yes. These medicines are subject to rigorous testing and must pass strict federal standards. And the FDA states that "a generic medicine works in the same way and provides the same clinical benefit as the brand-name medicine." In other words, the same benefits and risks of approved-use medications apply to off-label ones. Your Found doctor will be sure to go over all of these details with you. Your program is personalized and individualized to you, and all medications are used in the most secure way possible.

How the Found program works

The Found journey begins with a health quiz to determine which path is right for you - the “wellness path” or “Rx path”. If you qualify for the Rx path (Found’s most common plan) you can expect to undergo an evaluation with a board-certified medical provider in order to find the right medication. Some medications target the reward center in your brain to curb cravings, while others may stabilize your blood sugar, or help control your appetite. Whatever the medication may be, you can be confident in knowing that it caters to your unique biology. 

Alongside medication, lifestyle changes are crucial to sustainable weight loss. This is why as a Found member you will get one-on-one access to health coach, a supportive community with other Found members, science-based health information, and our in-app behavior change program that helps you establish habits around nutrition, movement, hydration, sleep, and mental health. 

About Found

Found is among the largest medically-supported weight care clinics in the country, serving more than 200,000 members to date. To start your journey with Found, take our quiz.

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