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How Found helped four members lose weight

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You want to lose weight—for good. You’re invested in getting healthier, eating better, moving more, having more energy, and getting better sleep. But we bet you’ve also been invested maaaany times before, and here you still are. The finger wagers would tell you that it’s simply a lack of willpower, but that’s not what the latest research shows. Obesity is a complex disease that requires a program tailored to your unique needs (unlike the fad diets so many people jump on—and inevitably—off).  

That’s where Found can help. The average Found member loses 10 percent of their body weight during their first 12 months on the program. We take a science-backed approach to weight care that considers lifestyle factors, your biology, and medication needs to develop a plan that will help you reach your goals. It’s a modern 360-approach compared to the old-school view of what leads to lasting weight loss. Our quick, personal health quiz can get you started. 

Members who’ve reached their weight loss goals with Found 

Want to meet some of the Found members who have finally gotten the results that eluded them for so long? Here’s what Elizabeth Daniel told us:

“I decided to join Found initially for a silly reason: If I was paying for it, I felt like I would stick to it! Who wants to throw away money, right? I had been trying to lose weight since January of 2021, and it wasn’t working. That August of 2021, I was 6’ 3” and weighed 263 pounds. By the following March, when I joined Found, I was 251 pounds. At that rate, I felt like I would never lose enough weight to love myself. 

After the first month with Found, I loved it, and my reasons for staying went beyond just sticking to a program. My coach was amazing! She seemed to have an answer for all my excuses. Haha. She had me eating all kinds of healthy carbs and just pushed me through. The Facebook community is also great! They are so supportive, and there’s no judging. It's like your own personal cheering section. 

I am currently down 46 pounds and feel so much better. I can walk more and play with my grandbaby more. I am also not as tired as I used to be—which is a huge plus. I can actually look in the mirror and feel good. I can share my pictures with complete strangers in the Found community and not be embarrassed. This program has really worked and is still helping me reach my goals! Their support has been very personalized and has helped tremendously.”

Found’s proven path to success

We could share story after story like this, but here are just a few more:

Keren Diallo lost 60 pounds of post-pregnancy weight 

Consistency and trust are two things that Keren Diallo says helped her drop nearly 60 pounds and keep them off. (And we’re just going to swoop in right now and say—what an awesome achievement!) Here’s what kicked off her weight care journey: Diallo had given birth to two kids born 16 months apart. And in addition to the baby weight and sleep deprivation that comes with newborns, she also had severe abdominal issues related to her C-sections. She was ready to feel like herself again—confident and comfortable in her own skin. 

In addition to the weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease all run in her family, and Diallo couldn’t bear the thought of heading down that path. “I could no longer fit into my clothes, I was easily out of breath, and I felt sloppy,” she tells Found. “I wanted better for my life.” 

Diallo committed to making small, sustainable changes that slowly resulted in weight loss. Most importantly, she stuck with them—even during frustrating plateaus, bouts of low motivation, and other roadblocks. She stayed consistent no matter how big or small the change in her weight was. Rather than letting the scale dictate how well she was doing, Diallo shifted her focus towards her small weekly goals and non-scale victories (NSVs—which we’re big on here at Found because they’re also key markers of success that keep you going). She started doing more things that made her feel good, such as eating more balanced meals and moving in ways that her body needed. And that’s when Diallo truly began seeing success. Her energy, confidence, and mood all improved. She also changed her mindset around food to thinking about what she could add to improve her health rather than take away. “That’s when I knew this program was unlike any other I had tried,” she says.


Xavier Cordova-Figallo finally broke a plateau with weight loss medication 

It wasn’t until Xavier Cordova-Figallo came to the United States to pursue a master's degree in 1999 that he began to notice unwanted weight gain. Originally from Venezuela, where fresh food was abundant, he says he was never concerned about his weight before. 

But faced with a different food landscape and having much of his time and energy spent on his studies, Cordova-Figallo felt he had little time to take care of himself and his health. “I was grabbing a lot of fast food,” he says. And that eventually led to a 20-pound weight gain.  

After years and countless unsuccessful attempts to lose weight and maintain it, Cordova-Figallo began to think that there was no way out—and that yo-yo-ing was his new way of life. “I thought about joining Noom, but it didn’t feel like the right approach for me,” he says. And he was skeptical in general about joining a weight care plan. He then discovered Found and added weight loss medication to his changing lifestyle habits. “I had never tried medication,” says Cordova-Figallo. “But after doing my due diligence about weight loss medications, I was like, ‘What the heck. Let me try.’” He’s now down almost 23 pounds, and while he’ll be the first to admit that his original plan was to take prescription meds until he reached his goal—and then stop quickly after—he’s realized that to sustain his weight loss, he needs to keep up his new healthy behaviors and medication. 

Now Cordova-Figallo is moving forward and taking it day by day. “It makes me a little emotional. I never gave myself grace,” he says about his life before joining Found, “I never thought about myself and my needs. But I realize that I deserve it.” Cordova-Figallo is focused on prioritizing himself and has seen the results—ones that go way past the scale. Not only do his clothes fit better, but he’s also sleeping better, trying to exercise more, and making an effort every day to be proactive about his health. 

Julie Watkins says support from her health coach and Found care provider made a difference

Sometimes it takes losing someone you love to make you look closer at your own life and how you want to live it. That’s how Julie Watkins found her way to Found.  

Overweight, Watkins had battled Crohn’s disease for years, and it posed seemingly never-ending obstacles when it came to losing weight. Her dad was always her biggest advocate and cheerleader on her journey to lose weight and get healthy. When he passed away in January 2020, Watkins realized she was ready to make the change for good. “I finally was like, ‘You know what, I’ve got to do something. I'm sick of this. I'm sick of being overweight,’” she says.  

And so she did. Googling a number of weight loss programs, Watkin’s learned about Found, and its multi-faceted approach to weight care really spoke to her. She wanted to lose weight in a sustainable way and learn the tools she needed to keep it off long-term—and she says that having access to both a doctor and a health coach felt like the complete package. “It's nice to know that I can ask a doctor questions and also have a coach who helps me figure out food options and meal ideas. Whenever I feel like I've hit a wall, they can help give me ideas on redirection. That was my biggest thing,” says Watkins.

Watkins has lost 75 pounds to date. She has hit her goal weight and is no longer on the medication prescribed by Found. And while she continues to manage her Crohn’s symptoms, they have improved as a result of her weight loss and positive lifestyle changes. Watkins is also feeling more confident in her own skin. “I just feel better about myself. I don't feel self-conscious. And I enjoy clothes shopping again,” she says.

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Found is among the largest medically-supported weight care clinics in the country, serving nearly 200,000 members to date. To start your journey with Found, take our quiz.

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