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Everything you need to know about prescription weight loss

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When it comes to weight loss, it seems there is always some new fad diet, exercise program or snake oil cure to help you lose weight -- fast! But for people who have tried time and time again to lose weight and keep it off, these false promises can grow to become frustrating. On the other hand, the world of prescription weight loss medication can seem daunting, full of drugs with intimidating-sounding names. The endless stigma surrounding weight loss can be exhausting and discouraging. Safe, effective medication can be a helpful tool in the journey towards healthy weight loss.

That’s why we are here to clarify some of the misconceptions surrounding prescription weight loss, so that you can feel prepared with simple, factual information before deciding if prescription weight loss medication may be right for you. Read on to learn some of the basics of prescription weight loss. 

  1. What is prescription weight loss?

    Prescription weight loss drugs are medications that help individuals with a BMI over 30 to lose weight. Typically, a good candidate for prescription weight loss will have been unable to lose weight using exercise and dietary changes alone. A variety of safe and effective drugs exist that may help certain individuals to lose weight. Prescription weight loss has been shown to be more effective at helping individuals to lose weight than lifestyle changes alone. Still, prescription weight loss medications are not a cure-all for weight loss. Rather, they can be a key tool alongside other important weight loss methods such as exercise and a healthy diet. 

  2. How does it work?

    Prescription weight loss medications work by addressing a variety of key factors that influence body weight. While some weight loss drugs work by curbing appetite and reducing cravings, others work by manufacturing a feeling of fullness. Some medications may even combine these methods. Feelings of increased fullness and lowered appetite encourages users to consume fewer calories. Over time, this will cause a calorie deficit that results in weight loss. All of these methods help you to reach the end goal of a healthier lifestyle through weight loss. If prescription weight loss medication is right for you, your Found healthcare professional will work with you to understand which medication suits your body and weight loss needs.

  3. Who is prescription weight loss for?

    Prescription weight loss is for people with a BMI over 30, or a BMI over 27 in conjunction with other pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes. You can calculate your own BMI here by inputting your height and weight.

    Prescription weight loss medications can be especially helpful for people who have found other weight loss methods such as exercise or dieting to be insufficient. When used alongside these methods, prescription weight loss has been proven to be more effective than when traditional weight loss methods are used without medication. Specifically, individuals using prescription weight loss drugs in combination with improved exercise and diet were found to lose between 3 to 12% body fat. It only takes losing 5 to 10% of body fat to cause improvements in health such as lowering blood pressure, alongside lower blood sugar and triglyceride levels. And losing just 3 to 5% of your body fat can lower your risk of developing heart disease.

  4. How long does prescription weight loss take to work?

    Prescription weight loss medication gets to work immediately, and you should start to see weight loss at an average of a pound or two a week as soon as you begin medication. Most prescription weight loss users will see significant weight loss within 12 weeks. Your doctor will check in with you along the way when you first start taking prescription weight loss drugs. Some prescription weight loss medications can cause side effects, which vary depending on the medication prescribed. If you experience side effects, you should always check in with your doctor to let them know.

  5. I think prescription weight loss may be right for me. Where do I begin?

    Found prescribes weight loss medication alongside other proven weight loss methods to help users safely and effectively lose weight and improve their health. Alongside weight loss benefits, Found often helps users lower high blood pressure through a combination of methods such as prescription medication, personalized exercise regimens, improved diet, reduced stress and improved sleep through ongoing consultation with licensed healthcare professionals. 

    Found matches users with trusted healthcare professionals to provide customized weight loss care. These professionals will work with you to understand if prescription weight loss is right for your body and weight loss needs. If you think prescription weight loss might be right for you, you can try Found with a 30-day money-back guarantee to learn more. 


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