This Saxenda coupon can help save money on the weight-loss drug liraglutide

This Saxenda coupon can help save money on the weight-loss drug liraglutide

The most popular drugs for weight loss can be expensive. The Saxenda coupon can help you save money and lose weight.

The Found Team
December 19, 2023
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The popularity of anti-obesity prescription drugs like Saxenda® is skyrocketing, shifting the weight loss treatment landscape for people with excess weight and obesity. Those frustrated by a lifetime of yo-yo dieting or limited to dramatic treatments like bariatric surgery now have other more viable options in their health care tool kit for treating obesity. And with savings using the Saxenda coupon, medical weight loss is more accessible. 

 Although Saxenda is proven effective in managing excess weight and obesity, its hefty price—often topping $1,300 for a 30-day supply—keeps people who need this prescription drug from obtaining it. Unfortunately, there is no generic alternative for Saxenda to help lower its cost. And many insurance companies and employers will not cover the medication through their prescription plans due to its extreme cost and the growing number of people requesting it.

Saxenda’s high cost doesn’t mean you should give up the idea of taking it to manage your weight. Below, we explore ways to save on your Saxenda prescription.

How a Saxenda coupon can help you save

Novo Nordisk’s Obesity Savings Card program allows patients who can pay cash for the drug to save up to $200 on a 30-day supply, or one box, of Saxenda. NovoCare, Novo Nordisk’s patient assistance program (PAP), offers those with commercial insurance the opportunity to save on their Saxenda prescription, paying as little as $25 for a 30-day supply (one box), $50 for a 60-day supply, or $75 for a 90-day supply To be eligible for the savings, you must have activated the offer and used it for the first time by June 30, 2023. Activated savings offers expire on December 31, 2023.  

Other Saxenda savings solutions

If the NovoCare Obesity Savings Card program isn’t an option for you, there are other ways to save on this prescription medication: 

  • SingleCare offers a free Saxenda savings card.
  • Familywise has ways to save on Saxenda at pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Kroger with a free coupon.
  • For those with commercial or private insurance (excluding Medicare or Medicaid), GoodRx Health offers copay cards for some medications, which may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. To check coverage for Saxenda, click here
  • GoodRx enables people to locate patient assistance programs that help uninsured or low-income patients afford their medication.

Prices can vary depending on where you live and your pharmacy of choice. Your health care professional can also be a good source of information.

Insurance coverage for Saxenda

Because the GLP-1s like Novo Nordisk’s Saxenda are so costly, most people want insurance to cover the drug. If you’re interested in Saxenda, Found will work with you to navigate the insurance process. 

Here are places to start:

  • Novo Nordisk offers a way to check your insurance plan’s coverage and cost online or by phone for Saxenda here.
  • If your company offers prescription benefits that don’t include medications to treat obesity, you can submit a request for coverage of Saxenda with the help of your health care provider. Here’s a sample coverage request letter.
  • Medicare does not cover prescription drugs to treat obesity. Those with Medigap or Medicare Advantage plans should check with their administrator, as some select plans cover them.
  • Medicaid coverage varies from state to state.
  • Veterans Affairs (VA) coverage includes obesity management; check with your local VA administrator for more details on specific prescription drugs.
  • Those with Tricare coverage should contact their Military Treatment facility or Tricare Network provider to discuss Saxenda.
  • Finally, you can advocate for better coverage. The Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA) is a movement to obtain better coverage for weight management and obesity. Here’s how you can help support the act. 

What to know about Saxenda’s price

When you see a “list price” for Saxenda, that refers to the original price for a medication; the manufacturer sets the price. Novo Nordisk’s list price for Saxenda is currently $1,349.02. Most people don’t pay the list price if their health insurance covers weight-management medication. Your insurance coverage will determine your copay for Saxenda. 

If you join Found and a health care provider recommends Saxenda, Found will help determine eligibility and navigate the process. For example, if your insurance provider requires step therapy, Found can help with a medication plan and a lifestyle change program. Or, if your carrier denies coverage for a drug like Saxenda, Found’s providers can recommend other weight-loss drugs that will help you lose weight.

Paying out of pocket: Is the cost of Saxenda worth it?

If your health care provider prescribes Saxenda and your insurance won’t cover it, you have the option of paying out of pocket for it. According to numerous studies, weight loss results with Saxenda have been promising. A  2017 review published in Obesity Science & Practice looked at five randomized, placebo-controlled trials; compared with the placebo group, those in the liraglutide group lost between 5%-10% more body weight. Another study published two years earlier in The New England Journal of Medicinecompared participants taking liraglutide with those in a placebo group and found more significant weight loss among those taking liraglutide.

Like all drugs, Saxenda has potential side effects, which vary from person to person. But the medication’s dosing schedule is designed with that in mind: increasing the dose of Saxenda each week to minimize side effects. The most common side effects of Saxenda and other GLP-1 receptor agonists are nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux. Less common but more serious side effects include pancreatitis, gallbladder disease, elevated heart rate, suicidal thoughts, and worsening of diabetic eye disease. It’s important to note that those with a history of medullary thyroid cancer or multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2 should not use these drugs. If you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding, do not take Saxenda. You can find detailed side effects and risk information for Saxenda on our dedicated Saxenda medication page. And Found members always have access to an in-app medication guide. 

What if you need a different—and affordable—weight-loss drug? 

Found-affiliated providers specialize in obesity medicine. (Only one percent of doctors in the U.S. are trained in obesity medicine.) Found’s health care providers can prescribe treatment from a broad portfolio of medications. If one doesn't work for you or its cost is too prohibitive, your provider will determine an effective alternative that’s right for you that will help you reach your goal. 

It’s not uncommon for people to try multiple prescription medications before they find the right one for them—or to change medications as they lose weight. (Obesity varies from patient to patient, as does one’s response to weight-loss medications.) Fortunately, Found's proprietary MetabolicPrintTM assessment tool can help identify the underlying biological influences that keep you from losing weight, allowing your Found provider to personalize your treatment plan to set you up for sustainable success.

Once your medical history, weight history, behavior, and environment are evaluated, Found’s expert clinicians personalize a treatment plan based on your unique profile.  Found currently prescribes non-GLP-1 medications, as well as Saxenda and other brand-name GLP-1 and GLP-1/GIP medications. Your membership with Found covers coaching, consultations with a physician, and access to generic medications, which, along with a healthy lifestyle, can help you achieve your goals. Found-affiliated health care providers can offer these prescription drugs in a broad range of treatment options to help you lose weight. 

Navigating your way through the process of weight loss, insurance plans, and financial options can often feel overwhelming and frustrating. But Found will find a way to help you reach your goals—whether or not you qualify for the various discount cards, coupons, and other savings programs available for Saxenda.

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GLP-1 prescriptions, filled through your local pharmacy, are now available as part of Found's weight-loss toolkit. While GLP-1s are effective for weight loss, they are not clinically appropriate for everyone. Eligibility for a GLP-1 is based on a thorough evaluation of your medical history, eating behavior, lab work, and insurance coverage. If a GLP-1 is not appropriate for you, our providers will work with you to determine an effective medication for your health profile.

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December 19, 2023
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