Jessica is down 80 pounds: How she did it. Plus, what keeps her motivated

Jessica is down 80 pounds: How she did it. Plus, what keeps her motivated

Jessica is down 80 pounds: How she did it. Plus, what keeps her motivated

This Found member tried everything to lose weight. Here’s how pairing healthy habits with weight loss medication made all the difference.

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July 5, 2023
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“I'll do it, but I don’t want to talk about the fact that I’m on medication for weight loss.” That was Jessica B’s initial thought when Found asked her to be a community ambassador and share her path to losing nearly 80 pounds.* She had long shied away from talking about her weight and eating habits. And medication was no different: It felt like a taboo topic. 

Jessica ultimately decided to embrace and share her story. But first she had to break through her own shame about using medication for weight loss. She had to overcome the feeling that it was, somehow, taking the easy way out. And she had to come to terms with the fact that—in her own words—“obesity is not a character flaw.” 

After struggling for years, Jessica almost gave up

 Whether it was comparing her body to others’ or seeing loved ones cycle from one diet to another, Jessica had battled poor body image since she was a young girl. She started restricting what she ate—even following her parents’ example and trying a low-carbohydrate diet—as a fifth grader. She struggled with compulsive overeating and binge eating disorders.  Her weight constantly yo-yoed. 

After seeking help from a handful of professionals and many fruitless attempts to lose weight, she felt resigned. “I was working on coming to terms [with the idea] that maybe I was just meant to be overweight,” she says. 

But her weight’s impact on her quality of life kept Jessica searching for solutions. She struggled with anxiety and depression, as well as physical pain that prevented her from being present. “I was lethargic all of the time,” she says. “Letting the dog out, climbing the stairs, doing laundry, going to work meetings—everything felt like a chore.”

Little did she know she’d find her path to better health after stumbling upon Found nine months ago.

Medication made all the difference

Over the years, Jessica had tried many approaches, even hypnosis, to manage her eating and control her weight. But nothing worked. When she joined Found, she was prescribed a combination of naltrexone and bupropion—two medications that helped to reduce her appetite and cravings. After starting the medications, she says, a light bulb went off in her head. 

“I thought to myself, ‘This must be what it’s like to feel normal and not let food control my life.’” With newfound clarity, she found it easier to make healthier choices.

Jessica's top 5 tips for success

Lessons learned in losing 80-plus pounds

Now about 30 pounds shy of her weight-loss goal, Jessica says it’s about more than the number on the scale. Her coach asked her to reflect on what she’d learned after 200 days as a Found member. Here are some highlights: 

  • Her needs matter. Prioritizing herself isn’t selfish—rather, it allows her to show up for others. “When I take care of myself, I’m a better sister, wife, and employee,” Jessica says. Above everything, learning to love herself is something she’s practiced along the way, showing herself grace and kindness even when things get tough.
  • The scale is just one data point. There are many ways Jessica measures progress on her weight loss journey. At Found, we call them non-scale victories (NSVs), and some of Jessica’s include walking up a flight of stairs without feeling winded, a newfound love for cooking, and better sleep now that her insomnia is gone. 
  • Eliminating entire food groups isn’t necessary.  Unlike past attempts to lose weight, Jessica now makes room for all types of foods. “I’ve learned that complex carbohydrates are important for weight care—and that I don’t have to count everything I eat if I aim for balance and moderation,” she says.

How Jessica stays motivated to hit her weight loss goals 

While Jessica is ambitious about improving her health, it’s natural for motivation to ebb and flow. Here are four things that help keep her dedicated: 

1. Staying present 

Being in the moment helps Jessica push onward when things feel hard. “I find that if I think too far ahead, I get overwhelmed,” she says. “Instead, I ask myself, ‘What are the choices I can make right now?’.” 

2. Nixing the all-or-nothing mindset

Jessica is intentional about her habits and where she “sprinkles her treats.” Instead of focusing on foods to avoid, she focuses on what to add that benefits her health. She doesn’t let one “off” day determine what comes next. This approach feels more sustainable and makes it easier to honor her body’s needs. 

3. Engaging with the Found Community 

Surrounding herself with people who “get it” is another way that Jessica stays on the path. One good place to find other people working on weight care? The Found app. “I’ve made so many friends on the app who are going through the same thing I am,” she says. Jessica turns to our community not only to get support when she’s struggling but also to celebrate herself and others. She loves how members cheer each other on after personal victories. 

4. Acting as a community ambassador

As a community ambassador in the Found app, Jessica feels her accountability even more deeply. She enjoys posting photos of her meals to help inspire others, as well as reaching out to those who need support. The advice she doles out helps her, too: “When I remind people to show themselves grace, I remember that I should do the same.” 

Looking ahead

Jessica has worked hard to unlearn daily patterns that no longer serve her. And she says the new routines that got her to this point are here to stay. “This is my new normal,” she says. “I’m not going to hit my goal and go back to old habits.” Now that she has more energy, she wants to do things she once dreaded, like going for long walks with friends. 

With self-care as her new hobby, Jessica enjoys life and feels much happier. She hopes her story helps remove the stigma about using weight loss medication because that’s what really unlocked the door to healthier living for her: “I wish I’d found it sooner.” 

Disclaimer: *Individual results may vary.

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Published date:
July 5, 2023
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