Sustained weight care is about more than numbers on a scale.
Hear from Found members on what they love most about the weight loss program.

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Our members have already lost over 500,000 lbs.

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PLEASE NOTE: This path does not contain prescription medication.
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1-on-1 health coaching.
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Actionable weekly goals set by your coach to hold you accountable.
This path does not contain prescription medication.

Your mental health and environment matter too


Traditional diets downplay the impact that things like stress, emotions, and lack of sleep have on your weight. Our Care Team helps you identify the emotional triggers in your life and then works with you on solutions that help you feel positive and confident inside and out.


Your work hours. Your cooking abilities. Your zip code. These things matter.


We hear it all the time, and we’ve been there enough ourselves to know that accountability can make or break your ability to successfully care for your weight. Which is why our Community and our Care Team are with you every step of the way. So you never have to go it alone.

A comprehensive approach

Found doesn’t just consider your biology. We look at all the factors that go into lasting weight care, and build you a medically-guided path just for you.

Stress & emotional
1:1 Health coach

The program testimonials are in

See what members are saying about weight loss with Found.

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Your path to weight ♡ care
You will build a strong, personal relationship with your coach. They will be there for support and accountability, continuing to modify your path to ensure it is all about you.
You will have completed multiple curriculum segments of your choosing, across a variety of important weight loss-focused topics. The order of topics is determined by your health profile along with input from your coach.
Stay active in sharing your story and supporting others who are just getting started. Public accountability is a proven success factor in sustained weight loss.
Found matches you with one of our world-class health coaches the day you sign up. Who you work with is determined by an in-depth review of your health profile.
You will select a specific starting point from our dozens of options. Whether you want to be more active, eat healthier, or sleep more, we have a curriculum built to match your specific needs.
Meet the thousands of other members in our program who have found lasting success. Build your support system to help you on your weight care path.
Your partner for lasting weight care
Found's vast catalog of unique weight care paths means you and your coach are constantly working together to refine what works for you. Don't expect your first month to look the same as your second, or third, or fourth. We'll mix and match to avoid plateaus that are common in other programs.

Our success ☺ stories

I'm happier and healthier and have gotten back to enjoying my life since joining Found.

30 lbs lost, FOUND Energy

Before, food was controlling me. With Found, I’m finally in control.

109 lbs lost, FOUND CONFIDENCE

I’m eating well and feel good. I’m not having as much sugar cravings either.

FOUND Her swagger


Frequently asked questions

What is Found?

We make weight loss and maintenance achievable by providing an individualized, medically-guided program that leads to lasting results. Every weight care plan includes customized nutrition and movement programming, access to a personal health coach and private community, and for qualifying members, an online consultation with a board-certified practitioner to evaluate and manage the addition of medications to address weight at the cellular level.

Who is Found for?

Found is for anyone seeking a holistic approach to weight care. We currently offer three different paths to meet the needs of our members. You are eligible for the Wellness Path: this is Found's prescription-free offering that combines the best of our health coaching and community pillars to support long-term weight care.

What is Found's mission?

At Found, we are dedicated to improving overall wellbeing by making a science-first, holistic approach to weight care accessible. We aim to dismantle societal stigmas around weight and obesity, ultimately leading to a healthier, kinder world.

Why should I trust Found's program to deliver lasting results?

We work with experienced leaders in the industry, enabling us to build a path that targets each person’s unique biology, behaviors and preferences. Our team is comprised of board-certified clinicians, pharmacists, and health coaches who work together to address weight care at a biological level.

Still skeptical?

If these plans don’t quite work for you, or you have other questions, please get in touch and we’ll figure it out.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

All plans come with a 90 day money-back guarantee after participating in the program. We want you to be over-the-moon satisfied with the program.

Participation in the program includes:

  • Signing up on or after January 31st, 2022 as a first-time customer
  • Being a qualifying member for a minimum of 90 days since sign up
  • Weighing in 9 or more weeks within 90 days of sign up
  • Communicating with your coach 11 or more weeks within 90 days of sign up
  • Submitting at least 1 follow-up form within 90 days of sign up (if applicable)