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Prescription plan
You’ll get medication prescribed by medical experts, 1-on-1 consultation, personal coaching, and access to our app. Your medical team may prescribe GLP-1, phentermine, or other medications to match your needs.

Our members have already lost over 500,000 lbs.

Monthly commitment ($149/mo)
per week
6 month commitment ($99/mo)
per week
3 month commitment ($129/mo)
per week

Medications you may be prescribed

Found's medical team provides access to the widest set of prescriptions on the market. Those medications may include, but are not limited to:


GLP-1 agonists treat diabetes type 2 but may also lead to weight loss.
The GLP-1 medications Found may prescribe are FDA-approved for treatment of weight loss or other medical conditions, including diabetes.


An FDA-approved weight loss medication to suppress appetite.
Phentermine is approved for short-term use. The medical team can talk to you about what dosing regimen may be right for you.


Metformin can help control high blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Metformin has only been approved by the FDA for prediabetes and Type II Diabetes.

What to expect

On average, Found members lose 5% of their body weight by month 3 and 10% by month 6—and successfully keep it off.

Month 1
Finding your fit
Begin taking the medications
 your medical provider 
prescribed for you.
Meet your personal coach and set the foundation for your unique path to lasting weight management.
Feel motivated and connected.
Month 2-3
Your medications are hard at work addressing weight at the cellular level.
Work closely with your coach to build 3–5 new healthy habits.
See improvements in sleep, energy, and exercise stamina.


Month 4–6
Check-in with your medical provider through our portal to ensure medications are still supporting you.
Continue to add new goals to address personal factors that may impact your ability to lose weight.
See improvements in blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.


Month 7+
Learn how gut health, sleep and hormones influence your weight and gain tools to address these, too.
Weight loss continues but it’s the non-scale victories that are even more motivating. Experience health benefits such as more energy, celebrate improvements in genetic markers, and see skyrocketing confidence that comes with a healthy weight.

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The medication

Choosing a medication is a decision between you and your Found board-certified medical provider. There are several factors we consider:

  • The benefits of weight loss
  • Lifestyle and habits
  • Current health issues and other medications
  • Family’s medical history

Found offers a wide range of prescription weight loss medications to its members. Your board-certified medical provider will provide additional details during your initial consultation. The full cost of the medication is covered in monthly membership fees.

Reach out to if you have questions.

Your partner for lasting weight care

For as long as you are a member of the Found community, the cost of your prescription medication is 100% covered by your membership fee (except for more expensive medications, like GLP-1's, which require insurance) and you have unlimited access to your board-certified medical provider.

10% weight loss
Average weight loss after 1 year with Found*

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

All plans come with a 90 day money-back guarantee after participating in the program. We want you to be over-the-moon satisfied with the program.

Participation in the program includes:

  • Signing up on or after January 31st, 2022 as a first-time customer
  • Being a qualifying member for a minimum of 90 days since sign up
  • Weighing in 9 or more weeks within 90 days of sign up
  • Submitting at least 1 follow-up form within 90 days of sign up (if applicable)
Have a question?
  • What Medication does Found Offer?
    The Found program offers both FDA-approved anti-obesity medications, as well as “off-label” medications that are shown by clinical evidence to be highly effective and safe for helping with weight loss. “Off-label” medications are FDA-approved but for an indication other than weight loss.

    When prescribed responsibly, off-label medication can help expand your range of options to ensure you get the right medication at the right dose for your unique biology. Clinicians frequently prescribe medications “off label” when a medicine has a known benefit to treat a condition. The medications that a Found-affiliated provider may prescribe (either “on-label” or “off-label”) are the same medications prescribed in premiere academic medical obesity treatment centers across the United States.

    Medication prescriptions are up to a medical provider’s discretion. Found does not dictate prescribing practices or interfere with the medical judgment of our affiliated medical providers.
  • Why doesn’t Found mention any medication by name?
    Your medical provider may offer a variety of prescription medications based on your unique biology and needs following a virtual consultation/evaluation.

    Found offers both FDA-approved branded anti-obesity medications as well as off-label generic combinations when determined safe by the treating clinician.

    As such, we are not given a comprehensive list of all the medications that our Found providers may readily prescribe. Your provider will decide what medication is best for you and make sure you're comfortable with the medication before you receive a prescription.

    Found does not dictate prescribing practices or interfere with the medical judgment of our affiliated medical providers.

    Please note that consultations are considered a member benefit and we do require a purchase and medical intake to be completed before any medications can be prescribed or offered.
  • Who are the providers on the Found platform?
    All of our medical providers are US-licensed with combined decades of clinical experience and weight loss expertise. Alongside our robust medical team, Found collaborates with renowned health leaders to craft effective and personalized weight care paths that work in sync with your unique biology and lifestyle.

    Once you've created an account and had an initial consult, you can view your current provider or send them a message using the portal.
  • When does my medication arrive? Do I have to wait for it to come in order to begin?
    You should hear from your Found Medical Provider within 2 to 4 days after you’ve submitted an intake survey. The length of the consult is dependent on any questions you have or additional questions the provider may need to ask before prescribing a medication. Providers typically respond within 24-48 hours depending on provider availability as consults are asynchronous. After you and the provider have agreed upon a prescription, it will be sent to our e-pharmacy partners to be filled and shipped. The filling and shipping process generally takes 4-6 days.

    Additionally, your coach will reach out within your first week to guide you through your first month. You can go ahead and start using our app to work on building new, healthy habits prior to receiving your medication!
  • What's included in Found's health coaching?
    Our expert coach support is designed to kickstart your weight care journey and help you stay on track with your weekly goals. In month-one of your plan, you’ll be matched 1:1 with a dedicated coach to guide you via SMS through healthy lifestyle change, including nutrition, movement, sleep, mindful eating, and more — all personalized to your weight care goals. Your plan also includes access to our network of coaches through our in-app community for guidance, support, and encouragement throughout your membership.

Our success stories

Jessica • Lost 30lbs

I’m happier and healthier and have gotten back to enjoying my life since joining Found.

Tony • Lost 107lbs

Before, food was controlling me. With Found, I’m finally in control.

We work with experts

Expert Image
Dr. Judith Korner, MD, PhD

Founding Director, Columbia University Weight Management Center. Vice Chair of The Obesity Medical Board.

Expert Image
Dr. Larry Cheskin, MD

Founder of The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center.

Expert Image
Dr. Shawn Cole, MD, MS, MHA

Dr. Cole has nearly a decade of experience in telemedicine leadership and is passionate about delivering the highest quality care to all Found Members.

Expert Image
Dr. Lynn Yudofsky, MD

Dr. Yudofsky joins us from Stanford University, where she practiced as a psychiatrist and focused on integrative medicine. At Found she ensures that all Found members are taking care of their bodies and minds.

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