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Your medical provider studies your health history, weight loss struggles, and other key factors that play a role in your weight health.
Based on evaluation, your medical provider determines whether a prescription path is the best fit for you.
Your medical provider precision-picks the best medication for your specific needs and triggers, checking in regularly to adjust as needed.

It’s more than willpower

Signals from inside

Successful and sustainable weight health is more than calories in, calories out. In fact, your body is constantly sending internal signals to your brain about what it really needs.

crossed wires

For some people, the internal signals are out of sync (thanks to a number of reasons like genetics, hormones, metabolism or even gut health). These crossed wires can lead to an impossible struggle between your brain and your body when you try to make positive changes.


These out-of-sync signals can interfere with your body in a number of ways. You might not be able to stop eating once you’ve started, or eat when you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable, or even feel hungry no matter how much you’ve eaten. You also might feel lethargic a lot of the time and crave sugar or carbs.

How weight health medications work

Our online medical providers explore your health history, and sometimes prescribe medication to stabilize the way your body and brain communicate about food and exercise. So you can better work with your coach to build healthy habits and find balance.


Cravings for sugar or carbs

Feeling tired, lethargic or unmotivated

Mixed up hunger signals

Overeating when feeling emotionally off-balance

WITH medication

Reduced cravings

Increased energy and motivation

Feeling fuller sooner

Balanced moods and greater self control

Safety above all

If a prescription is right for you, our medical providers handpick a medication that best fits within your lifestyle. We only prescribe medications that are safe, clinically-proven, and trusted by experts.


proven to work

widely prescribed

find your path

Online providers, real world results

Change is easier when you have someone on your side. With Found, you get access to a real medical provider who understands your personal health, history and goals. All of our medical providers undergo in-depth training in “webside manner,” so they’re as empathetic and encouraging as a doctor or nurse you might see face-to-face.

Board-certified MEDICAL providers

years of EXPERIENCE IN telemedicine


Committed to your success

Always available through your portal

Expert Image
Dr. Judith Korner, MD, PhD

Director of the Metabolic and Weight Control Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Vice Chair of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

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Dr. Larry Cheskin, MD

Founder of The Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center.

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Dr. Angela Fitch, MD

Associate Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center and faculty at Harvard Medical School.

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Dr. Shawn Cole, MD, MS, MHA

Dr. Cole has nearly a decade of experience in telemedicine leadership and is passionate about delivering the highest quality care to all Found Members.

Director of the Metabolic and Weight Control Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Vice Chair of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

LOST 39 LBS, Found control

“(Found) enabled me to lose the weight and focus on better choices without hunger factoring in.”

— Diane W.

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