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At Found, we don't worship the scale. Our work doesn't stop until you've found your most confident, healthy, and yes, lightest self.

Kelly, 53 Tony, 45 Elie, 64 Emily, 34
Kelley, 53 | Lost 30 lbs
I have been a member of Found for about 7 months, and in that time, I’ve managed to lose about 30 lbs. Like a lot of you when we went into lockdown, I turned to food to get rid of the stress and to comfort me. Once I found the medication component, I found that the medication I was using turned off those cravings and urges that all of us feel.
Tony, 45 | Lost 70 lbs
When I started I was 468 lbs, and after several months into the program I am down to 396 lbs. My favorite aspect of the program is the whole support group from the Facebook group. There's no calorie counting, no special diet food that you have to purchase. It gives you the building blocks to change the way that you are living your life so that you can lose the weight and keep the weight off for good.
Elie, 64 | Lost 12 lbs
I’m over 60 and I’ve always been very fit, but since menopause, I’ve had an awful time trying to keep my weight down and I just haven’t felt healthy. I’m a retired nurse and I was looking for some type of program that would not only help me but is more than just about medication. And since I found Found, I have been so successful and it has been life changing for me. It’s not just about taking medicine. It’s not a magic pill. It’s multifacted.
Emily, 34 | Lost 45 lbs
I joined Found for my kids. I want to be the type of confident that I wish to see in them. So I know that means losing enough weight to find happiness in myself. I have been able to lose about 45 lbs so far, and I have another 20 lbs to go, but I am confident that I can reach my goals and keep off the weight this time.

Your personalized treatment

Prescription medication
Lifestyle Tools
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From first weigh-in to last.

Weight loss has never been easy. But it never has to be lonely again either. Medical professionals, personal coaches, health experts, cheerleaders, peers — our team is ready for whatever you need.

Month 1 Months 2 - 3 Months 4 - 6 Month 7+
Finding your fit
Begin taking the medications if your medical provider prescribed them for you.
Meet your personal coach and set the foundation for your unique path to lasting weight loss.
Feel motivated and connected.
Forming Healthy Habits
If on medication, they are working to overcome the biological factors related to weight.
Work closely with your coach and medical provider to build 3–5 new healthy habits and ensure your medications are working for you.
See improvements in sleep, energy, and exercise stamina.
Weight Care, Your Way
Check-in with your medical provider through our portal to ensure medications are still supporting you.
Continue to add new goals to address personal factors that may impact your ability to lose weight and keep it off.
See improvements in blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.
Hello, Confidence
Learn how gut health, sleep and hormones influence your weight and learn strategies to address these, too.
Weight loss continues but it’s the non-scale victories that are even more motivating. Experience health benefits such as more energy, celebrate improvements, and see skyrocketing confidence that comes with a healthy, sustained weight.

How Found works

Answer a few questions
Take the health assessment to see if you qualify for a prescription medication plan.
Talk to a dedicated medical provider
If you qualify, your medical provider evaluates your health history and goals and may decide to prescribe a medication, or combination of medications.
Start medication regimen and adjust as needed
You’ll receive your treatment within a few days, and you will continue to work with the medical team to make sure your medication and the specific dosage is working and right for you.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What medications does Found offer?
    Found offers a range of medications that are all FDA-approved. You will work closely with our board-certified medical providers, who will prescribe medications based on your unique survey responses. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and confirm which medication you’d like to take. One example medication that Found prescribes is Metformin, a safe and widely used medication known to help with weight loss.You can always reach out to if you have more questions.
  • Who is Found for?
    Found is for anyone seeking a holistic approach to weight care. We currently offer three different paths to meet the needs of our members. The Rx Path is for anyone with a BMI ≥30 (or ≥27 with certain comorbidities). However, our recommended medications might not be right for everyone. A board-certified medical provider will review your case to determine if and what medication, or path, may be right for you.
  • Who are the clinicians on the Found platform?
    All of our medical providers, clinicians, and nurse practitioners are US-licensed with many years of clinical experience. Found also has Specialists, experienced leaders in the industry, who work with us to help craft a program that fits each person’s unique biology, behaviors and preferences.
  • How soon can I expect my medication to arrive?
    After your medical provider has prescribed medication for you and you've confirmed the medication, we’ll send your prescription to our pharmacy partner. They will fill the order via expedited shipping (unless you opt to use your own pharmacy instead). So, you should expect to receive your medication approximately 3 - 5 business days after your clinician has completed your consultation and you have confirmed the medication.
  • Can I change my medication or dosage?
    If you are not experiencing medication side effects and wish to change your dose or medication, please consider if you can wait until your planned refill date. By waiting until this time, your provider will have enough information to best address how your biology is taking to your medication and assess the efficacy of the medication. If you cannot wait for your scheduled refill date, please contact support by sending a message through your Member Portal. Log in here ( and navigate to your Messages tab. Use the New Message drop down menu and choose “Refill”. Then send your message to Support.
  • Why is Found no longer providing a health coach to new members?
    Our goal at Found is to create the best weight care program that can reach millions of people. We have temporarily paused our coaching offering while we invest in building out an even better program. All new Found members still have access to a board-certified clinician, medication, the Found digital app, and content created by health experts and coaches. We have reduced the price for Found by $10 per month during this period.

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