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Online weight loss with Found

Meet your support system


Your medical provider

Studies your medical history and current lifestyle, working with you online to pinpoint the tools you’ll need along the way to your happy weight (sometimes that means a prescription).


Your health coach

Master of motivation and positive psychology, connecting with you via text message. Meets you where you are and keeps you on track, helping you build sustainable habits across nutrition, movement, sleep and mental health that fit your lifestyle.


Your community

Connection and support from a private community of folks who know exactly what you’re experiencing because they’re on the same path. Celebrates your victories on or off the scale, and has your back when you need it most.


Your medication

Restores the communication between mind and body so your internal signals about eating and exercise are working with you, not against you. We monitor your progress, and adjust dosage or change up the prescription as needed.


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One year to find you
We all have our own path, and your journey to weight health is unique. Connecting with your coach, medical provider and community are markers you’ll pass, but the biggest milestone comes from finding yourself along the way.
Kick off
finding your fit
Your medical provider works with you on a personalized path, sometimes prescribing medication.
Your coach learns about your lifestyle and habits, meeting you where you are with motivation fit for you.
Join the Found community. Find motivation and support as you start feeling more grounded.
Month 1–3
setting the foundation
Your medications are hard at work. Want to talk to a medical provider? Simply reach out through our portal, anytime.
Your coach guides you to a groove with nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management as you see a difference on the scale.
See experiences like yours in the community, and get inspired by coaches. Feel energized and balanced.
Month 4–6
hit your stride
Your medical provider makes adjustments to your plan as needed, ensuring your path is a perfect fit.
Make modifications based on what’s working for you, with your coach holding you accountable to your goals.
Weight loss continues but it’s the non-scale victories that are even more motivating. Stress levels and mood improve.

lose 5% body weight by month 6

lose 5% body weight by month 6

Month 7–8
Feel the focus
Medication helps maintain your progress.
Your coach zooms in on a more fine-tuned program, focusing on gut health, intermittent fasting or more.
Nerd out on your focus with other folks in the community, share ideas. Feel empowered and in control.

lose 10% body weight by month 8

lose 10% body weight by month 8

Month 9+
accountability embodied
Using the tools you’ve developed with your team is second nature, and you’re more focused than ever before. You still check in with your coach over text once or twice a week, who holds you accountable when you need that extra boost.
Not only are you still motivated by the friends you’ve made in the community, you also share your experience with newbies starting their own journey to weight health.
On average, Found members lose 5% of their body weight by month 6 and 10% by month 8—and successfully keep it off.
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LOST 18 LBS, Found balance

"The coaching is key, helping me retrain my brain in how to live a more healthy life! The medication was also so helpful, tailored to me."

— Angela

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