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On average, Found members lost 10%
of their body weight by month 8, and kept it off.

It’s what’s inside that counts

At Found, we focus on getting you to a place where you feel good physically, emotionally and mentally for the long-term.
Weight health is more than a number
Slow and steady wins the race
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Missed connections

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight but haven’t had much success, a jumbled connection between your body and mind could be to blame.

Signals about when you’re hungry or full, or whether you feel like moving could be getting lost in translation — making what’s effective for other people not work for you.




That’s where Found comes in.

How Found works

There’s no one-and-done solution when it comes to sustainable weight loss. With Found, three key factors come together on your journey back to yourself.


Dedicated medical provider

Your medical provider studies your health history and goals, working with you on a plan forward, and prescribing medication if it’s right for you.


Personal health coach

Your coach works with you on mindful eating, exercise, sleep and stress — meeting you where you are and holding you accountable along the way.


Private community

You’re not in this alone. Our community is a place to share your struggles, find support, and celebrate your victories.

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A comprehensive approach to

We consider more than just your body chemistry. We look at all the factors that go into lasting weight care, and build a personalized, medically-guided path just for you.



stress AND emotional health


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Real world
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Join tens of thousands of members on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Kim • Lost 53lbs
FOUND motivation

“When I started I was 238. Now I’m 185. It took taking the medicine, being really committed to the lifestyle, and listening to my coach and having that accountability to her.”

Tony • Lost 107lbs

“I never thought by making an impulsive choice to to click on the Found site I’d be celebrating a 100lb weight loss in less than a year.”

Amy • Lost 83lbs
FOUND Confidence

“When I first started this I thought it was going to take me a year at least to get to my first weight loss goal but I’m 3 months in and I’m so close!”

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