☼Are you a healthcare worker?☼☼Are you a healthcare worker?☼

☼Are you a healthcare worker?☼

Found is offering 3 months free as a “thank you” to our healthcare workers.

How to redeem this offer:

1. Input code FRONTLINE2020 at checkout*

2. Upload your selfie as your healthcare worker badge. Our team will verify your photo before accepting you into our program.

3. We will follow up once you’re verified asking for additional documentation to verify that you’re a current healthcare worker

4. Found reserves the right to charge you the full cost of membership ($99/month) if your employment is not verified

5. If you’re a healthcare member interested in our Wellness Path which gives you access to a health coach and our private community, email your employment information to support@joinfound.com and our team will get you set up!

*In order to ship prescription medicine to members, we legally must charge a minimum of $20.