Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Are GLP-1 medications?

    GLP-1s (Rybelsus) is a hormone that helps you regulate glucose and feel fuller leading to weight loss. They can help lower your metabolic set point, which is the weight your body will fight to stay at. The GLP-1 medications available today can help you reduce your weight by approximately 10%

  • Do you offer other GLP-1 Medications?

    At this time Found’s Board Certified Providers can only prescribe the oral form of Rybelsus. This medication is not an injectable medication and we are unable to offer other GLP-1 medications at this time.

  • How is it administered?

    As our Providers are only able to prescribe the oral form of Rybelsus, the medications are taken by mouth as per the instructions that come with your medication and as per your Provider’s orders.

  • Is the medication safe?

    Rybelsus is FDA-approved and safe. It has been widely used since 2019. It is generally very well tolerated with minimal reported side effects. For those who have a history who puts them at a slightly higher risk we will recommend a different medication option out of caution for the member.

  • What are the possible side effects of the medication?

    Rybelsus is a FDA-approved medication that in clinical trials has been shown to be non-habit forming and helpful for weight loss. Most individuals who take Rybelsus do not experience any side effects. For those who do, the most common side effects included nausea. The side effect typically resolves after the first few weeks, after your body has had a chance to adjust to the medication. In the event that if you experience any side effects, you can contact your Found Clinician through your member portal - under the messages tab.

    In clinical trials, a very small percentage of people discontinued GLP-1 medications due to side effects. However, should you experience severe side effects that make it unsafe for you to continue with the medication, or if you are unable to tolerate the less severe side effects, we do have other medication options for you! Just reach out to your Found Provider through the member portal, using the Messages tab, and send a message using the “side effects” option. Your provider will help you determine if another.

  • How will this affect or interact with my other medications?

    After signing up you will have a consultation with a Board Certified Provider, during this consultation the Provider will go over your current medications, blood work, previous medical history, and all other medication options that you have tried throughout your weight-care journey before creating a personalized treatment plan and prescribing medication. Rybelsus can be safely taken with many other common prescription medications. Your clinician will determine if this is the best medication option for you during your consult visit.

  • Does this program accept insurance?

    Yes it does! Most major commercial insurance plans provide coverage for Rybelsus once approved at a fairly low cost*. Since not all insurance plans provide the same coverage levels, until our team processes your insurance we cannot say how much Rybelses would be covered by your specific plan or not

    *Note: If you have a high deductible health plan, you may need to pay through the deductible before your medications are covered by your plan.

    In the rare case that you are not satisfied with your insurance plan's medication coverage and you wish to cancel your subscription, Found can end your program and issue a refund. See our refund policy for full details

  • What if my insurance refuses to cover or I cannot afford the cost of my prescription?

    Since our team is the one who will be prescribing the medication, we will try to help with the filing of a PAP (Patient Assistance Program) form to help defer or minimize the cost. Or you can choose to remain on the medication you were already prescribed.

  • How do I set up my refill?

    Take the follow-up form that is texted and emailed to you 20 days after your medications are delivered.

  • Is Rybelsus a controlled substance?

    No, Rybelsus is used in the treatment of diabetes, type 2 and belongs to the drug class incretin mimetics. Rybelsus is not a controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA)

  • What kind of Labs do I need to have done?

    We require a recent Basic Metabolic Panel so we can make the case with your insurance that you need the medication. If you have not had one done recently, we partner with Grassroots Labs to help assist with the labs.

  • Why do you need my ID number visible on my ID?

    We need to see the ID number, issue date, expiration date, DOB, and full name on your valid State or Federal ID to verify your identity and process your insurance information. Without this information we will be unable to complete these processes. If you do not wish to provide the ID number for your ID, we are able to offer you other medication options (metformin as one example) but are unable to offer you any medications that are a controlled substance or require insurance processing.

  • What is a synchronous consult?

    A Synchronous consult is a video consultation. This is the style of consultation more often thought of when you think of “telehealth”. It is not necessary for all medications, only Phentermine and GLP-1.

  • How do I set up my refill?

    Take the follow-up form that is texted and emailed to you 20 days after your medications are delivered. Once complete, log into your member portal and schedule your consult with the Calendly link.

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