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Frequently asked
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If you’re still unsure about Found’s customized program, the information below may answer some of your questions.

Our Program

Found is weight care that fits your life. We make weight loss and maintenance achievable by providing an individualized, medically-guided program that leads to lasting results. Every weight care plan includes customized nutrition and movement programming, access to a personal health coach and private community, and for qualifying members, an online consultation with a board-certified practitioner to evaluate and manage the addition of medications to address weight at the cellular level.

To get started, complete a survey with questions about your weight loss goals, lifestyle and medical history. If eligible for the Rx Path, a board-certified doctor will review your information and determine the best weight loss plan for you, including medication. Any prescriptions and products will be sent right to your door, and are included in the price of your membership. Regardless of which path you choose, a health coach will reach out over SMS to put a nutrition, movement, and behavioral health plan in place.

Found is for anyone seeking a holistic approach to weight care. We currently offer three different paths to meet the needs of our members. The Rx Path is for anyone with a BMI ≥30 (or ≥27 with certain comorbidities). However, our recommended medications might not be right for everyone. A board-certified physician will review your case to determine if and what medication, or path, may be right for you. Our Rx Path is currently available in California, Texas, Florida, Washington, Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

our providers

Telemedicine is the practice of providing healthcare through the use of telecommunications. It enables doctors to diagnose, prescribe, and treat patients remotely to make care more accessible to people across the country.

All of our doctors and medical providers are US-licensed with many years of clinical experience. Found also has Specialists, experienced leaders in the industry, who work with us to help craft a program that fits each person’s unique biology, behaviors and preferences.

Your doctor consultation typically occurs within 72 hours after you complete your doctor intake survey. In January and other popular times of year, it may take longer for your doctor consult to occur. We appreciate your patience during this busy time.


All medications that Found Heath offers are FDA-approved, and have been scientifically proven to help with weight loss.. Every body is different, so your doctor may prescribe one of several potential medications based on your unique biology and needs. Your doctor will also give you the option to request a different medication before finalizing your prescription.

No! We offer both a Non-Prescription Path and Wellness Path, which do not include prescription medication. 

When a doctor prescribes medication “off-label”, this means the physician is prescribing the medication for use in a way not specified by the FDA-approved label or labeling for the medication. Every FDA-approved medication has an approved label and labeling that specify, among other things, the diseases or conditions for which the drug has been approved by the FDA. Physicians are generally permitted to prescribe a medication for treatment of a different condition than what the medication’s FDA-approved label and labeling specifies, if the physician determines this treatment is medically appropriate for the patient. This is considered the practice of medicine. Therefore, if the doctor prescribes the product for a use not approved in the label or labeling, it is "off-label." However, it is important to remember that this use has not been shown to be safe or effective to FDA's satisfaction.

If the doctor determines medication will not be safe or effective for you, you'll be able to cancel your membership at no cost. Our Support Team will also work with you if you'd like to switch your membership to a different path without a prescription; please email to discuss.

After your doctor has prescribed medication for you and you've confirmed the medication, we’ll send your prescription to our pharmacy partner. They will fill the order via expedited shipping (unless you opt to use your own pharmacy instead). So, you should expect to receive your medication approximately 3 - 5 business days after your doctor has completed your consultation and you have confirmed the medication.

For the fastest response, please contact your pharmacy. Most customers choose to use Found's pharmacy partner, TruePill, to fill their prescriptions. TruePill is an ePharmacy without a physical location, and can be reached 7 days a week from 8AM - 11PM PST at (650) 353-5495. If you chose to use your own pharmacy to fill your prescription, please contact them directly.

If you’re experiencing a medical emergency call 911 immediately. Otherwise firstly contact the pharmacy. Most customers choose to use Found's pharmacy partner, TruePill. TruePill can be reached 7 days a week from 8AM - 11PM PST at (650) 353-5495. If you chose to use your own pharmacy to fill your prescription, please contact them directly. You can also contact the Found Health support team at, and we’ll reconnect you with your doctor to assess your concerns.

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