We found a new way

For too long, the weight loss industry has pitted our bodies against our minds, making enemies of our thoughts and actions. We believe there’s a better way to weight health, a path built on self compassion, self care, and self love.

So we found it.

Our philosophy

Now’s the time for a revolution in how we treat weight health. Losing weight is much more complicated than just “eat less, move more,” yet folks struggling with their bodies are often given this exact advice by the media, loved ones and even their own doctors.

A new generation of weight health experts have found that just like with mental health, our bodies and brains need a little help communicating sometimes.

That’s where prescription medication comes in, unlocking the barriers between body and brain, making sustainable weight health more possible than ever before.

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We’re on a misson

We’re forging a new path to equitable and lasting weight health worldwide, one Found member, provider and health coach at a time.


Our values

Members come first
We put your needs above our bottom line, always.
Help each other
We’re in this together. No one can do it all alone.
Never settle
Be bold, take risks. Don’t be afraid to fall along the way.
Build trust with honesty
Truth is the best foundation for success.
LOST 46 LBS, Found lasting results
“I'm having real success. Not crazy weight loss that I'll never be able to maintain, but slow changes, realistic loss, and the opportunity to make the lifestyle changes for this to be my real future instead of a quick fix that won't last.”
— Jennifer W.

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