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How Keren Diallo lost 58 pounds—and what she gained in the process

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Consistency and trust are two things that Keren Diallo says helped her drop nearly 60 pounds and successfully keep them off. (And we’re just going to swoop in right now and say—what an awesome achievement!) Here’s what kicked off her weight care journey: Diallo had given birth to two kids born 16 months apart. And in addition to the baby weight and sleep deprivation that comes with newborns, she also experienced severe abdominal issues related to her C-sections. She was ready to feel like herself again—confident and comfortable in her own skin. 

But the pandemic—and her job as a teacher, which required her to pivot to remote instruction—put her weight care on hold. After Diallo learned she would be returning to in-person teaching, she knew it was time to prioritize her health goals and establish a routine ASAP. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease all run in her family, and Diallo couldn’t bear the thought of heading down that path. “I could no longer fit into my clothes, I was easily out of breath, and overall I felt sloppy,” she tells Found. “I wanted better for my life.” 

So prioritizing her health goals and making a plan to reach them is exactly what she did.

It’s all about consistency

Diallo committed to making small, sustainable changes that slowly resulted in weight loss. Most importantly, she stuck with them—even during frustrating plateaus, bouts of low motivation, and other roadblocks. She stayed consistent no matter how big or small the change in her weight was. 

Rather than letting the scale dictate how well she was doing, Diallo shifted her focus towards her small weekly goals and non-scale victories (NSVs). When Diallo started to listen to how she felt, “It would drive my adjustments,” she explains. 

Another helpful piece of Diallo’s journey was Found’s focus on mindfulness when it comes to habit changes. She had spent many years tying her worth and success to her weight—but noticed a huge positive shift when she stopped focusing solely on those scale digits. Instead, she trusted the process and looked at the factors she could control. She started doing more things that made her feel good, such as eating more balanced meals and moving in ways that her body needed. And that’s when Diallo truly began seeing success. Her energy, confidence, and mood all improved. She also changed her mindset around food to thinking about what she could add to improve her health, rather than take away. “That’s when I knew this program was unlike any other I had tried,” she says.

When we asked Diallo what advice she would give other members, she had lots of tips and insights, but these are the top pieces of wisdom she wanted to share: 

1. Weight care is a journey “You have to be fully invested,” she says. Diallo was a Found member for two years and talks about how the journey has to be an investment for not just your weight but your health and quality of life for years to come. While it may not always be rainbows and unicorns, having a team behind you can help you persevere. 

2. Consistency is key Even if you have times of doubt! Diallo tells Found that there were moments when it was difficult, but trying to be consistent each day, with even small tasks, led her to where she is. For example, her weight yo-yoed in the beginning when she wasn’t taking the challenges, check-ins, and medication seriously. Committing to a regular routine helped get her on track.   

3. Find balance with your diet There are no good or bad foods. Yes, some may be healthier, but it’s important not to feel deprived when it comes to eating. Diallo says that mindset shift made a big difference. “I can eat a balanced diet and feel great about it,” she says. “I don’t have to starve myself, and I am confident I will still keep the weight off.” She now allows all foods. Remember: It’s not one meal that determines the outcome of your weight care journey. It’s about what you choose to eat most of the time. 

Finding long-term success

Today Diallo stands tall and confident at the front of her classroom; she runs and plays with her kids and exercises without getting too winded to finish. She now understands that food can be enjoyed and doesn't have to control your life and emotions. With this new outlook on life, Diallo is focused on maintaining her weight care achievements with the tools she’s learned. 

Found is grateful to have been a part of Diallo’s journey, and we’re incredibly proud of her success. We thank her for being such a positive example for others when it comes to healthy living.

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